App Giveaway: Movies HD for iPad

Movies HD is an iPad app that provides you with a way to catalogue your movies. It will also look up data about your movies so that instead of just movie and TV series titles, you have access to all details. Additionally, if you lend a movie to a friend, this too can be catalogued so that you can easily keep track of who has your movies.

Movies HD is a movie and TV series catalog application with stunning graphics. It allows you to quickly add, find and view movies in your library (with the ability to add new movies by seeking by title using lots of data sources - so all movie details are filled in for you!). It also allows to lend movies to friends, so you can easily keep track of who you gave that copy of "Quantum of Solace" to.

  • Shelf view or list view
  • Custom genres
  • Coverflow movie browsing
  • Add movies by barcode scanning (on iPad2)
  • Supports major bluetooth barcode scanners to quickly add movies to your library (like the Opticon OPN-2002) (all iPad models)
  • Quickfind (tm) your movies (based on director, author, title, location, ...)
  • Filter movies by media, lend-to, genres, director and actors
  • Email your movie list
  • Random movie selection by shaking the iPad
  • Fully customizable movie catalog
  • Small labels to identify sorting details (based on sorting mode)
  • Handles all modern media (DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) as well as oldfashioned media (VHS, 35mm, 16mm) + ability to add custom media
  • Movies are shown using their cover (and optionally their title)
  • Movies can be lend to Contacts
  • Backup & restore


The gold folks at Netwalk have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, let us know how many movies you have in your home collection in the comments below!

Movies HD is available on the iPad for $4.99.

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