App Giveaway: Twittelator Neue for iPhone

Twittelator Neue is a gorgeous Twitter client for iPhone. We have listed Twittelator Neue as one of the Top 10 best alternative Twitter apps for iPhone and we're excited to give it away!

As Rene said, Twittelator Neue is pure eye candy. Everything about it is just gorgeous and it's by far my favorite app for browsing Twitter. One of my favorite features is the way it displays in-line photos. Most twitter apps show a tiny thumbnail of the photo, but Twittelator Neue shows a slice of the photo that's just as wide as your timeline and as you scroll through your timeline, the image also scrolls in the background so that you slowly pan through the image through that slice. My description doesn't give it justice - it really is beautiful. Even the sounds are cool.

Twittelator Neue is lacking in a few features like native push, but it's only at version 1.0.5 and I look forward to what's to come.

Where other Twitter clients think alike, we chose to think different. There's the all-new Timeline Photos, which actually lets you see what your friends are tweeting about. Then there's Multiple Timelines, which lets you easily keep up with what's up. Perhaps you have a blog, band, or other alter-ego that has tweets of its very own. Multiple Accounts in Twittelator Neue will handle them all with ease; SimulTweet makes posting the same tweet from all of your multiple-personalities a breeze. The innovative features in Twittelator Neue are sure to delight.

  • Timeline Photos
  • Multiple Timelines – Add lists, searches, and other tweets alongside your Main Timeline.
  • Multiple Accounts
  • SimulTweet
  • Conversation View
  • Website Previews
  • Drafts
  • ReadItLater, OmniFocus, and Instapaper support
  • Post images and movies to your choice of media host
  • Tweet with your location
  • Support for Tweet Marker
  • And a whole lot more!


The good folks at Big Stone Phone have given us promo codes to give away Twittelator Neue to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Twittelator Neue is available on the iPhone for $1.99.

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