App Giveaway: wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition for iPhone

A new alarm clock as just hit the App Store: wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock. This is no ordinary alarm clock, because in order to turn it off, you must shake your iPhone until the meter on the screen fills up.

I am extremely guilty of hitting snooze on my alarm and going back to sleep. I have even been known to accidentally turn off the alarm entirely then falling back to sleep (this happened this morning, actually). wake N shake is an alarm clock for people like me, because after shaking my iPhone to turn off the alarm, I should be plenty awake to jump out of bed.

I'm almost scared to download it.

Wake N Shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition is the only alarm clock app in the app store designed to wake you up feeling ready to seize the day. Motivated. Energetic. Pumped.It’s like jump-starting your day. By shaking the iPhone like your life depends on it, you raise your heart rate, and you wake up instantly!

  • Shake function like you’ve never experienced in an alarm app before
  • Configurable shake function: from hard to merciless
  • Unlimited alarms
  • Quick naps
  • 24 creative alarm sounds to get your blood flowing
  • Beautiful interface optimized for use in the dark
  • Animated alarm clock character: Alarmi
  • Countdown. Alarms count down so you know how much sleep you have left
  • Random alarms
  • Works even while in the background

Pro Shaker Edition Exclusive Features

The Pro Shaker Edition is designed for everyone who really wants to get their day started with a bang and somersault out of bed feeling like it’s their birthday, every day!

  • 10 more creative alarms than the free version
  • Vibrate function, so it rattles your night stand
  • Volume Fade-In. Float out of a dream, wake up feeling great. Ready to shake it!
  • No ads!


The developers of this unique alarm clock have generously given us 5 promo codes to give away to our awesome readers! For chance to win, let us know, on average, the number of times you hit snooze before actually getting out of bed in the comments below. I hit it about 3 times.

wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

The free version is still in review by Apple, but the below link will work once the app goes live.

[Pro App Store link] [Free App Store link]

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