App Store Genius now serving up iPad recommendations

Apple has added a Genius tab to the iPad version of the App Store. Tap the tab, agree to the terms of service, and Apple will upload an (anonymized) list of all your apps and games, compare them to lists of millions of other (also anonymized) users, and recommend other apps and games you may be interested in.

So if the what's new and what's hot sections just don't strike your fancy, if the top selling, grossing, and free stuff has lost its charm, if the categories are just impossible to sort through, give the Genius tab a try.

Then come back here and let me know just how smart the newly enabled iPad Genius was for you.

(My results so far: it recommended Fruit Ninja based on Angry Birds, Tetris based on Flight Control, iTeleport based on Brushes, Osfooha based on Twitterrific -- which is interesting because I already own all of those I just don't have them installed currently).

[Thanks @ltaylor5311]

Rene Ritchie

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