iPhone 3.0: Parental Controls May Change App Store Rejection Policies?

With all of the rejections in the App Store going on as of late it's about time we have some good news for our pal Trent Reznor - see link above - and all of the developers out there.

It seems that Apple has rejected a newspaper reading app, Newspaper(s) [iTunes Link], for containing objectionable content. This app contains newspapers from around the world and one of them has a picture of a topless woman. Apple, however, let the developer know in it's rejection email that Parental Controls have been announced for iPhone OS 3.0 and that it “would be appropriate to resubmit your application for review once this feature is available.”

So there you have it folks. Will these new parental control features (see them in our iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough) help cut down on rejected apps or will we still see these types of rejections take place? Sound off in the comments!

[Via iLounge]

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