Apple Adds New Samples to iPhone SDK

iPhone developer extraordinaire Erica Sadun over at Ars reveals that Apple has expanded on the iPhone SDK samples, and with some pretty nifty new stuff.

While I can't claim to understand it, included in the update is aurioTouch and oalTouch for scilloscope and positional audio, Accessory and TouchCells which (apparently!) give greater options in tables and cells, and URLCache and Reflection which focus on Web-based data and image reflections respectively.

Says Sadun:

The iPhone Reference Library is an amazing resource for developers. It offers access to sample code, guides, and release notes. The new items I listed here augment Apple's already rich iPhone sample code suite. Make a habit of stopping by the library page; Apple will often add new items there without announcement.

Check it out!

Rene Ritchie

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  • I've seen these for maybe three weeks at the ADC website so they're not super new...
  • Iphone FTW!
    (as usual)
  • I really need to get myself a mac so I can make some iphone apps. The iphone sdk looks very easy to develop on.
  • The samples look neat. Developers are jumping at the bit!
  • Hey Chris, seems you are kidding,better go develop an application, u will know how easy it is
  • Hi,
    I am a semi-retired Software Developer !
    I'm trying to access data from a City/Public domain Web Site.
    Is URLCACHE how is't done ? Can I pick individual pieces of Data from the
    screens/data base of these websites, and load them down to my IPHONE APP to be
    used as local data for the APP.
    Thanks !!
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