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Apple may be in talks with Drake for an iTunes Radio guest DJ deal

There have been mixed reports about whether Apple is set to debut its rumored streaming service at WWDC or not, and the latest is that Apple may be inking a big deal with Drake for the service. According to a new report, Apple and Drake could be in talks for a guest DJ spot on iTunes Radio that would net Drake around $19 million.

Apple is also said to be in talks with a variety of other artists for the service, including Pharrell Williams and DJ Guetta. The NYPost reports:

Apple has been visiting record labels to make deals, ahead of its World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco next week, but those hard-nosed negotiators from Cupertino want the moon and the stars, sources say.

With WWDC kicking off in a week, it won't be long before we all find out exactly what Apple has up their sleeve. Stay tuned right here for all of the latest from WWDC as it unfolds.

Source: NYPost

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  • Um, who's Drake?
  • Who Cares!
  • Maybe he's just some random guy who walked into Apple HQ and said he's popular with this or that music fan-base and asked to sign a deal with the company. And maybe this rumor was actually floated by Apple to see if anyone actually knows who this guy is.
  • Dr. Drake? Ahahahaha!
  • LOL. Are they trying to NOT get me use the service. I won't pay to stream anyways but Drake is corny.
  • Why a DJ at all? Please, not Drake for sure! If a DJ used, I'll stick to Spotify!