148apps posted up a PR from a developer in the Czech Republic that states:

“When the Push based application such as NotifyMe requests an ID from APNS, the server responds within a second and identifies the device with the unique token. From that point, the connection between APNS and user’s device is successfully established,” said Pavel Serbajlo, PoweryBase’s lead developer. “However, on a unofficially activated device, APNS keeps the application wait forever and does not provide any respond at all, keeping user wait infinitely or time out the connection, if the target application is capable of timing out.”

Last week we mentioned Jailbreak users were having problems with Push, but a lot of you responded that things seemed just fine, or that an updated Jailbreak process fixed it for you.

So that makes us wonder, is Push Notification really not working? And if it's not, is Apple really blocking it, or is it just not set up to recognize some Jailbroken iPhones that weren't activated in the usual way via iTunes?