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What you need to know

  • Apple has added new functionality for its Apple Cash card.
  • Apple Cash users can now send or request money in the Wallet app.
  • You used to have to use the Messages app to request or send money.

Apple Cash users now have two ways to send or request money on their iPhones.

Earlier today, Apple rolled out iOS 15.5 to the public. In addition to new storage management options for Apple Podcasts, the company also added some additions to Apple Cash, its digital debit card.

With iOS 15.5, Apple has added a "Request" and "Send" button to the Apple Cash card in the Wallet app on iPhone. Apple Cash users will now be able to request and send money using their Apple Cash card within the Wallet app in addition to the Messages app. The Apple Pay iMessage app has also been rebranded to the Apple Cash app, a move that makes sense since its entire purpose is to send and receive Apple Cash.

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iOS 15.5 also confirms that Apple Cash now runs on the Visa network. When you use your Apple Cash card to make a purchase with Apple Pay, you'll now see a Visa Debit logo pop up on the bottom right of the digital card.

iOS 15.5 is available to everyone today so, if you've been dying for another way to send and receive Apple Cash, you're going to want to download this latest update right away.

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