Apple debuts "Commute" iPhone commercial

Apple's latest iPhone commercial, "Commute", emphasizes everyday use with the iPhone. Three applications are highlighted

  • MassTransit [iTunes Link (opens in new tab) - $3.99] for when the man misses his train,
  • Here, File File! [iTunes Link (opens in new tab) $9.99] when he receives a call from the office when they can't find his sales report, and
  • The Wall Street Journal [iTunes Link (opens in new tab) - Free] to enjoy a news video clip on the train.

Video after the break!

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  • This is a cool commercial!!...It seems like all the recent apple commercials are always showing how you can talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time...If the verizon-iPhone happens...what kind of commercials will they use then?
  • Verizon wouldnt make the commercials Apple would. @Leo not sure if you were trying to say something else
  • This is cool coz when o had my bb 8320 with the data plan at tmobile there were numerous times when it was necessary to do either one of them but I had to drop the call to do wht u wanted ... But it's possible at my iPhone
  • @websyndicate You're right. But i think what he tried to say is Apple is lending a hand out into AT&T, and show the others what the network is capable of doing, then what a rumored Verizon iPhone can do. Therefore, he's asking what would the Verizon iPhone ads would be like. Which will probably look like a complete failure, cause all it'll probably say is that is "obviously" has the nations largest 3G(but slower) network.
  • I like this commercial
  • Thanx Eddie... That's what I meant...cause the verizon-iPhone wouldn't be able to talk and surf!!
  • I have yet to try any of the "bus is late" kind of apps, but I'm looking forward to it because it's an example of an app making a real difference. This is the kind of thing that can make public transit more appealing and thus more utilized.
  • I use Maps to route my public transit everyday. Tells me the times and everything. I ride SEPTA in Philadelphia.