With rumors around iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Seres 7 swirling, now's a great time to stock up on Apple gift cards. Since Apple moved to its unified gift card that can be used in both its digital and physical stores, Apple gift card deals have been seriously hard to find but there's one at Amazon today that's worth snagging.

Over there, you can get $5 free Amazon credit when you buy a $50 Apple gift card. With everything that Amazon sells, that's effectively as good as getting $5 back in cash. All you have to do is enter coupon code APPLE21 during checkout to get in on the deal.

Apple Gift Card

Apple Gift Card

Apple gift card deals are pretty rare these days so this one is well worth jumping on. $5 credit at Amazon is basically free money if you shop there a lot. Use coupon code APPLE21 for the free credit when buying a $50 gift card.

$50 at Amazon

The deal applies to Apple's digital gift card so you'll receive it via email shortly after you make your purchase. The Amazon credit will be provided digitally, too. Though the Apple gift card isn't being discounted directly, the free $5 credit for Amazon is essentially free cash if you shop there with any regularity (who doesn't?).

Apple used to offer different gift cards for the Apple Store and the App Store, but finally brought everything together and now offers a recently changed unified gift card that is good for making purchases on anything Apple. The funds get added to your Apple Account Balance and can be used to buy something at the Apple Store, purchase an app through the App Store, or even cover the cost of a subscription such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, or Apple TV+.

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