Apple has created a disturbing LinkedIn page for TV+ show 'Severance'

Lumon Severance
Lumon Severance (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ show Severance is starting to attract lots of attention.
  • The company has created a LinkedIn page for the fictional corporation at the heart of the story.
  • The Lumon Industries page is in equal parts ingenious, funny, and quite disturbing.

As Apple TV+'s latest hit thriller Severance starts to gain traction, the company has created a real-life LinkedIn profile for the fictional corporation Lumon Industries that is as disturbing as it is genius marketing.

As spotted by Mashable, the new profile has almost 1,500 followers already. The company's about page states:

Lumon is a fictitious company from the Apple Original Series, Severance, streaming on Apple TV+Lumon Industries is a leading biotech company. Founded by the visionary Kier Eagan, we pride ourselves on maintaining his legacy of excellence and adhering to his 9 core principles: Vision, Verve, Wit, Cheer, Humility, Benevolence, Nimbleness, Probity and Wiles.What sets us apart from other workplaces? We offer select employees access to our patented Severance process.What is Severance? Imagine being able to come into work completely uninhibited by your home problems. Or imagine being able to go home and never think about work. Using a minimally invasive surgical technique, we are able to 'sever' your brain so that, essentially, you've got a part of you that works and a part of you that plays.We want to change the way that major corporations approach the ever evasive, "work-life balance."

The profile page features videos and posts that reflect the tense and disturbing atmosphere of the show, including a tour of the bathroom stalls on the 'Severed' floor, where Dylan highlights how it is strange there are five stalls for only four employees because their late founder has died.

The page also references another marketing tool the company put out, a free Apple Book titled 'The Lexington Letter', a "tell-all" book about the company that the LinkedIn page describes as lies, and a leak that should be deleted immediately.

Apple TV+ Severance

Apple TV+ Severance (Image credit: Apple TV+)

Severance is a new thriller on Apple TV+ starring Adam Scott and directed by Ben Stiller. It follows the wild story of employees who agree to undergo a procedure known as 'Severance' to surgically divide their work and personal lives.

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