Apple to launch repair program for devices previously considered obsolete

iPhone through the years
iPhone through the years (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

Your six-year-old MacBook Air or iPhone 4s is about to be added to Apple's new vintage repair program, according to 9to5Mac. The new program promises to extend the period of time customers can receive repairs for older devices.

The new program, called "Repair Vintage Apple Products Pilot" will refresh the list of devices Apple or an authorized service provider will repair to include devices that were previously considered "vintage" or "obsolete" according to Apple's guidelines.

9to5Mac, quoting unnamed sources, says the current list of products that will fall under the vintage repair program include the iPhone 5, mid-2012 MacBook Air, and mid-2011 iMac. Additional devices added to the list later this year include the iPhone 4s and mid-2012 MacBook Pro, followed by additional MacBook Pro models dating into early 2013, as well as, the Mac Pro from mid-2012.

For the new Pilot program, Apple will only be offering repairs for vintage devices based on part availability. Otherwise customers will be told that inventory isn't available because the product is considered vintage. So the new program doesn't guarantee you a repair, but it's a nice change from Apple's previous policy where it stopped offering repairs entirely after classifying devices as vintage.

If you've got an out-dated iPhone lying around broken and you've wanted to get it back up and running, you may have that opportunity very soon.

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