We may now have our first look at Apple Music on Android. While Apple originally announced that the service would be coming to Android at some point this fall, they've been quiet since then. Now, German site Mobilegeeks seems to have gotten its hands on a beta of the upcoming Android app.

Take a first look at Apple Music on Android

Apple Music for Android, unsurprisingly, seems to look and behave a lot like Apple Music for iOS. It has the For You, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music sections, and you sign in with your Apple ID. The primary difference seems to be how you get to all of this. While on iOS you navigate to the different sections using the tab bar at the bottom of the app, Android users will do so with the familiar hamburger menu that swipes over from the left side.

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In addition to the primary sections, there are also settings in place for when the app should download music, how to sort your library, and whether it's allowed to use cellular data. Mobilegeeks said they had some trouble signing in, but as this is still an early version of the app, expect that particular issue to be fixed by the time the service launches on Android publicly.

Source: Mobilegeeks (German)