Today, Apple Music's official Twitter account introduced the world to its newest feature Up Next, which is meant to promote a different new-and-upcoming artist each month.

Note: This feature is not to be confused with the unrelated Up Next feature which allows you to see what track will play next in your queue.

This month Apple is teaming up with 6LACK — pronounced "black" — through a series of little projects to promote his newest album FREE 6BLACK.

The newer feature content can be accessed in the New Music section found in the Browse tab and features a variety of content including, a live performance from 6LACK, updated playlists with his music, a video interview with Zane Lowe from Beats one, and even a short documentary about 6LACK himself. You can watch the trailer for that documentary, which was released on the Apple Music Twitter account, below.

As someone who personally uses Apple Music as a way to discover new music all the time, I have to say I'm really digging Up Next! We've seen Apple promote major artists in the past with special events and partnerships, but this is specifically designed to shed light on artists who aren't as established.

My favorite part of Up Next is that Apple isn't just featuring one the artist's albums or singles, but it goes much deeper than that. By having such a variety of feature content, listeners are going to be able to develop a deeper connection with the artists that Up Next chooses to feature, which will not only by creating a buzz in the short term but also turning new listeners into dedicated fans that will be awaiting the artist's next release.

Not only does this help the artists make a splash in the giant ocean that is the music industry, but it also helps Apple Music subscribers broaden their horizons and listen to new artists. That's a classic win-win in my book!

What do you think of Up Next?

Do you like the new feature or do you hate it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!