Apple Music's monthly plans in India now start at just ₹99 (.45)

Apple is doing all the right things in India. After kicking off local production of recent iPhones — facilitated by Wistron's new $715 million factory — the company slashed the cost of the iPhone XR by a massive 22%, with the phone now available for ₹59,900 ($870).

Apple is now making key changes to Apple Music as it looks to stay competitive in the music streaming space. Monthly plans for the service now start at just ₹99 ($1.45), down from the previous ₹120 ($1.75). Family plans now cost ₹149 ($2.15) a month, and if you're a student, you can subscribe to Apple Music for just ₹49 ($0.70) a month.

It's a minor correction, but it makes Apple Music all the more alluring next to Spotify and YouTube Music. Spotify made its debut in India at the end of January, and YouTube Music followed suit just a few weeks after.

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Apple's music streaming service has been in the country for just under four years, and in that time it has localized for the Indian market: there are 14 local radio stations, and Apple has partnered with all leading labels in the country to provide their music on the platform. Apple Music's availability on Android has also been pivotal to its growth in India, as Android devices account for over 98% of all smartphones sold in the country.

Spotify currently costs ₹119 ($1.75), with YouTube Music available for ₹99 ($1.45). Spotify is in a legal tussle with Warner Music in the country, and as such Indian customers are unable to stream any songs from Warner's exhaustive catalog. And while YouTube Music costs the same as Apple's streaming solution, the experience is in dire need of an overhaul.

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