Apple doesn't always host October events. Given that a September event is a given, having a second event in October is twice the work for everyone. That includes the teams at Apple, who have to set up and run it, along with everything that entails, and for attendees who have to travel and cover everything that gets announced.

The alternative is dropping a series of press releases or holding a bevy of briefings. But, when Apple wants to show off new designs and highlight new technology — when it wants to go into the holidays with an extra bang — it's with an October event.

October 18, 2018: Apple Event set for October 30 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Join us for an Apple special event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House.

October 30, 2018, 10:00 a.m. EDT

What can we expect to see on October 30?

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The lights will come up, and Tim Cook will cross the giant Apple logo lighting up the giant HDR screen above the stage, waving and ready to go.

Will we get anything about privacy or the environment, social initiatives or an update on existing businesses? Maybe, especially if Apple has something interesting to report. Otherwise, it'll be straight to the products.

Cook will handle the preliminary introductions. He's been doing that for years now and he's gotten good at saying what he wants to talk about, showing a quick teaser video, announcing the name, and then handing off to a product lead.

For iPad, lately, that's been Greg Joswiak — Joz — vice president of product marketing.

iPad Pro

Back in March, Joz introduced the new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon support starting at $329.. I called it half-the-pro for half-the-price. And it was and is hugely appealing.

So, how does Apple make the next iPad Pro even more appealing, especially at twice the price?

The obvious answer is with an iPhone X-style redesign.

Whittling down the bezels and deleting the Home button will get you most of the way there, especially if the displays stay at or around 12.9 and 10.5.

It removes casing while preserving content. Leaves them just as powerful but ever so slightly more portable.

Will that cost us the 3.5mm headphone jack because it won't fit under the edge-to-almost-edge display? Will it give us USB-C instead of Lightning, to increase general compatibility at the expense of Apple-specific compatibility? We'll have to wait and see.

Without a Home button, there's no Touch ID, but Face ID should take its place. That means a TrueDepth camera on front, and that means either last year's A11 Bionic or this year's A12 Bionic inside. I'm hoping for the latter. Apple doesn't update the iPads Pro yearly so, when they do, they should get the best silicon available.

I'd love a new Smart Keyboard with some kind of capacitive keyboard that mimics the on-screen trackpad mode, and a next-generation quote-un-quote No. 2 Pencil that does smart pairing with iPad Pro the way Crayon does with the 9.7-inch iPad.

Oh, and charges via that new, extra Smart Connector on the back.

If Apple can do all of that — make an iPad Pro X that's every bit as appealing as iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 — then it'll be a home run.

iPad Pro 3 rumor rundown

MacBook Air

I've done a whole preview video about Apple's next-generation entry-level MacBook already. TL; DW, the current MacBook Air is still outdated and the current 12-inch MacBook is still too expensive, and that means Apple needs something new to rejuvenate the lineup.

Stick Retina and Touch ID into a package that sells for less that $1000 and you know what you get? A lot of damage to the premium PC market as everyone rushes to update.

MacBook Air rumor rundown

Mac mini

As I've said before, somehow, some way, over the last few years Apple lost its way with the Mac. You can blame Intel's broken roadmap for a small part of that, but only a small part.

I won't rehash it all here, but two of the biggest examples are the Mac Pro, which Apple admitted made the wrong bets and got backed into a thermal corner, and the Mac mini, that began to feel like abandonware.

Apple has already announced an all-new, all-modular Mac Pro with Pro Display for 2019, but what about a new Mac mini?

Rumor has it, now, at long last, finally, it's on its way.

Not in a traditional entry-level, bring-your-own-monitor-keyboard-and-mouse, switch to Mac way for those just getting into Apple, but also for those who are already into Apple and just want a small, quiet, powerful Mac for development, server rooms, media, and more.

We could even see a return of the higher-end, pro-focused Mac mini with more storage, more memory, and more powerful internals.

Probably not running ARM, at least not yet, but something that leverages all the work of the Pro Team Apple assembled for iMac Pro, the new Mac Pro, the new MacBooks Pro, and more.

The one that makes it feel like Apple has its Mac legs back under it and is ready to run again.

Mac mini rumor roundown

iMacs, MacBooks, and more

Back in July, Apple updated its Touch Bar MacBooks Pro to Intel's Coffee Lake architecture and even pushed out the SKU of many pro dreams — up to 4TB of storage and 32GB of RAM.

But that still leaves several other machines waiting to get their Coffee Lake on, including the 12-inch MacBook, if Apple keeps it around, the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro, if Apple keeps it around, or if not, whatever Apple chooses to replace those machines with.

And, of course, iMacs need their spec bumps too. (I'd argue they need their iPhone X-style makeover with edge-to-edge displays and Face ID authentication, but it feels like this is iPads year and Mac will have to wait for next.)

Sounds like we won't see AirPods until the Spring and AirPower… until we see it… in some form… at some point.

iPhone XR is coming, though, which may complicate the timelines, but iOS 12.1 should come with it for both iPhone and the new iPad Pro features. Likewise an update for Mojave.

Software and services

Will Apple's Texture-based magazine subscription service be ready to announce? With iWork apps updated in March, could we see Pro Apps like the perpetually wish-listed Final Cut or Xcode for iPad Pro? The latter seems far more like a WWDC announcement, so Pro third-party apps may be far more likely.

And we all know it'll be animoji and memoji for iPad, along with FaceTime Groups, that'll be the big demo. Right? Right?

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