Apple posts iBooks Author FAQ

No doubt there will be a lot of questions about iBooks Author, and in anticipation of many of those, Apple has posted an FAQ in their knowledge base to address some of the most common. Entries include:

How can I distribute my work? How do I publish my book on iTunes U? How do I publish my book on the iBookstore? I’m an educator. Is course material I create and provide to my students as part of a tuition-based course considered a work I’m selling? I’m an educational institution. Are course materials that I may provide to students as part of a tuition fee considered a work I’m selling? I’m an author (or publisher). Can I distribute this work on my own website? Can I distribute works created with iBooks Author as part of a product or service that charges a subscription-based fee?

iBooks Author for Mac OSX can create eBooks for digital distribution through the iBookstore and is made to work with applications like Pages, Keynote and Word.

Source: Apple

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