Apple releases Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular + GPS with Apple Music ad

Apple today launched a new video advertising Apple Watch Series 3 with the as-yet-unreleased Apple Music streaming feature, which is expected in October. It shows a handsome young man pulling tricks on his board in a train station as he grooves to the beat of Misbehaving by Labrinth in his head thanks to AirPods (not included with Apple Watch).

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular + GPS will support streaming Apple Music (we believe exclusively)later this year, which Apple boasts comes with 40 million songs.

The Series 3 Apple Watch Cellular + GPS requires an iPhone 6 or newer and an active cellular plan on the Watch, which will probably run you about $10 per month on top of your iPhone plan.

As for battery life, there are still a lot of questions about its performance. Apple's battery information support page shows that the Series 3 can handle up to 10 hours of audio playback, but that was only tested on Watches paired with an iPhone. Streaming music without an iPhone will take up a lot more juice. Comparatively, talk time on the Apple Watch connected to LTE is only one hour.

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular + GPS is available for preorder now and will be available in stores on September 22.

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