Apple Music reportedly headed towards South Korean launch

According to a new report, Apple may have its eyes set on South Korea as an upcoming launch market for Apple Music. Specifically, The Korea Herald reports that Apple has already struck a licensing deal with the Federation of Korean Music Performers.

From The Korea Herald:

"We formed a contract with Apple Music to begin streaming service here," said an official from Federation of Korean Music Performers, a music copyright association. "We made agreements on how to pay the copyright fees to the artists."

As the report notes, however, the Federation of Korean Music Performers is just one of the organizations with which Apple will have to reach a deal. Apple will also have to strike agreements with a number other entities, including the Korea Music Copyright Association and the Recording Industry Association of Korea and more.

Apple Music, which is set to see a redesign later this fall, is currently available in 118 countries in total. As of the last official count, the service also boast 15 million paid subscribers.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster