Business and iPad are two words that seem to be coming together more and more often. Apple has now added a couple big business profiles to their site showing what a few of the bigger players experiences have been like since mixing the iPad into their current business routine.

Among them are Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, NYC Prosthodontics, charity: water, and RehabCare. A Hyatt employee had this to say -

"I don't carry a calculator. I used to subscribe to all the journals: the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times. That's all disappeared. It's all on iPad."

Hyatt employees are already using them for better customer service practices as well. Check-in representatives are now given iPads as an easier way of looking up reservations and checking in guests. Sounds similar to how Apple has utilized iPod touches in their own stores to check in customers for Genius appointments for years now. Have any of you been to a Hyatt lately and been checked in via iPad?

If your business or employer has decided to implement an iOS device into their business model, let us know below as well as how it's going!

[Apple, via TUAW]

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