Apple retail getting updated iPad apps, about to deploy OS X Lion?

Looks like Apple retail is getting new setups, including new iPad apps for their iPads, bringing their complement to Daily Download, RetailMe, Apple Connect, Apple Directory, Concierge, Mobile Genius, iRepair, and Easy Pay (the credit card processing app currently used on iPod touch).

Daily Download, which is a well-produced internal Daily 'newspaper for employees'. It is incredibly stylish and functional and and much better than the previous web-based version that existed before.

It's also being rumored that stores are getting sent install images for OS X Lion, which sounds crazy because 10.7 is still in beta -- currently preview 3, and not expected for release until later this year. (Perhaps following some new features announced at WWDC 2011 next month.)

Apple seems to be lining things up for that big Apple Store 2.0 re-launch we keep hearing about. Are you going to check out your local store come Sunday to see what all the fuss was about?