Apple seeds 10.9.3 beta - come and get it, developers!

Apple on Thursday released the first beta seed of OS X 10.9.3. It's now available for download by those registered with Apple's Mac developer program. The build number for this release is 13D12.

It was only last week that Apple publicly released OS X 10.9.2, which fixed an important SSL security problem, added FaceTime Audio, made improvements to Mail and more.

Apple's release notes for OS X betas are covered under their non-disclosure agreement with developers, so we won't report on the contents. But if you're a registered Mac developer, get yourself over to Apple's developer site (opens in new tab) and check it out for details.

Peter Cohen
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  • I may or may not be able report that 60Hz now works just fine on the 32" UP3214Q, even on up to three monitors! Scaling is also available, 3200x1800 is the perfect size but currently appears buggy with multi-monitor setup.