It seems like "On hold" and "First steps" weren't the only new, activity-focused commercials Apple had ready for the iPhone as "Family Travel" has now made its Olympic debut as well.

"Family travel" highlights Southwest Airlines [Free - iTunes link] for pre-checkin, Gate Guru [Free - iTunes link] to find the kids a snack, and the built-in iPod app to play them a little Finding Nemo while they wait. Oh, and some Schlage LiNK [Free - iTunes link] to make sure the lights were off at home. End line: "That's why I don't go anywhere without my iPhone."

So the transition from "App for that" and "App for just about anything" to focused, lifestyle-specific "look what you can do with your iPhone" ads is now complete. Interesting to see how they go about step-by-step educational strategies even in their commercials...

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