Was Apple's just released App Store announcement -- and Steve Jobs' remark about how difficult it will be for others to catch up -- conveniently timed to preempt Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference where, according to our sibling site WMExperts, details of Windows Marketplace for Mobiles are emerging?

1.5 billion downloads, 100,000 developers, and 65,000 apps is a good old Jobsian gut punch to knock the wind of out any Microsoft news about WinMo 6.0 support, Windows Marketplace Business Center, and whatever else comes out from the folks up in Redmond.

It also combines in a very tidy roshambo to Verizon's recent revelation that, according to Engadget Mobile, BlackBerry App World or Windows Marketplace won't be built into devices on that carrier(?!)... and we won't go much further on that bone-headed, short-sighted, anti-openness news since our cursing would get Parental Control level 17+ slapped on this post...