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What you need to know

  • Apple TV is streaming '12 Angry Men…and Women' for free for four weeks.
  • The play was recorded at the Steve Jobs Theater.

The Steve Jobs theater is normally where Apple announces new products but the company has now allowed the team behind 12 Angry Men…and Women to film there, with the resulting show now available to stream on Apple TV.

Based on the book 12 Angry Men: True Stories of Being a Black Man in America Today, the show is available to watch for free via the Apple TV app until April 22. While the Billie Holiday theater company has performed the show before, Apple's version will be original and covers the killing of Breonna Taylor, as first noted by 9to5Mac.

The show will also be available alongside a special composer's cut that will air via Apple Podcasts.

"Black Theater institutions have been the vanguards of stories rooted in equity and racial justice for centuries. The Billie Holiday Theatre's production of 12 Angry Men…And Women at the Steve Jobs Theater embodies the spirit of that legacy, while innovating on how this story is told," said Wendell Pierce, actor and Board Member, The Billie Holiday Theatre. "This is a necessary and timely work of art that centers around the systemic racial injustices in this country and our partnership with Apple makes it more widely accessible to audiences, sparking meaningful conversations that lead to change."

You won't need an Apple TV+ subscription to check this out and it'll be available via the TV app on various devices as of tomorrow. The TV app is available on a number of smart TVs, with some of the best TVs available right over here.