Apple vs. Samsung commercials, June 2015 edition

Apple's commercials, an extension of the #shotoniphone6 campaign the company launched a couple of months ago, focus on how everyone from professionals to enthusiasts can capture, edit, and share amazing videos with nothing more than their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

They show how anyone and everyone can take the tools Apple has provided and create something uniquely their own. That's not only inspirational, it's empowering.

Samsung's commercials, by contrast, are attack ads that desperately try to point out the few areas of gimmicky differentiation their otherwise iPhone-influenced product iterations allow.

The edge color coding is of trivial value and the inductive charging, while interesting, doesn't inspire or empower me to do anything.

I'm guessing the Galaxy S6 isn't selling anywhere nearly as well as Samsung needed it to, which is sad given how it was supposed to redeem the brand following the lackluster Galaxy S5. I can't feel sorry for Samsung, though. They're a multinational conglomerate with endless money and power. I can and do feel sorry all of us, however, Samsung and Apple customers alike, who would be far better served by smarter, more considered competition.

I'd argue the money spent on these spots would be better spent fixing the problems with Samsung industrial design. But given that Samsung is willing to ship a slogan as anaemic as "6 > 6", there's no guarantee they'd fix them in the right direction.

At least these two ads weren't as shamelessly photo copied as the one from last month, or as blipvert seizure inducing as the one from earlier this week.

Before Samsung marcomms explodes heads trying to bend the math around 6 > 6+ or 6 > 6S, let me once again plead only for this — make amazing phones. Stop worrying about Apple or trying to court not-iPhone owners, and just do that.

Everyone will thank you.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Lol, I knew once Samsung put out that commercial Rene would of made an article same day. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Never fails right? You'd think he'd hop on the Asus Zenwatch2 for having a crown, but that won't happen until Samsung does it. *Note. The Samsung ads are in fact terrible. But still. Apple site right? Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • I was actually curious if I had missed that article, lol. Seems Samsung and Google are his primary targets. Everything else gets the green card. Terrible Samsung ads + Apple site = Immediate article
    It's a win win for them. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Samsung are just shameless. And yes, Asus did copy the Crown idea from Apple. I guess your no longer a stupid college kid.
  • How did Asus copy the crown from Apple?? Watches have had crows long before either companies have been around. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • How did ASUS copy Apple? The button on the side of the watch looks like the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch. So what? You don't bash normal watch manufacturers for putting in crowns that look like Apple's. Plus, IT ONLY ACTS AS A BUTTON. Not a crown that you can scroll with. I'm surprised you don't bash turf fields for ripping off normal fields.
  • Smartwatches have been a thing for nearly 3-4 years now, Apple was the first company to release "modern" smartwatch with a crown that was more than aesthetic. I'm fairly certain it would have been another 3-4 years before we would have seen a crown on a smartwatch had Apple not have done it first. They didn't make the idea. But the took it past the "we have a touchscreen, why would we want that thing on there for?" And sadly, Asus tossed one on but it's just a button yes? Then it should simply be a button. Not a potential breaking point Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • LOL.. I knew it the moment I saw it in AC...Rene was going to make an article...
  • Sorry buddy if you don't like it go back to Android Central
  • It's cool I just go to ac to read news and articles, I'm an iPhone user. So I'm staying here. If that's okay with you.. Sent from the iMore App
  • Exactly, first thing came to mind was Rene's article defending Apple. Apple did it to MS back in the day, Samsung doing it to Apple now. These things won't stop - ads, you defending Apple for anything, we coming to post these comments.
  • Samsung is just so shameless.
  • Ever read the Android blogs? They are just like Samsung commercials.
  • Multiply that by 10 and it'll give you an idea of how delusional apple fanboys and their idiotic bloggers can be. Much like the moron that wrote this article, lmao !
  • Maybe look in the mirror before criticizing. Don't judge lest be judged Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Your exaggerations are comical. Do you have any clue what mobile devices I have owned and still own that arent made by samsung? You clown.
  • Idk if you're talking about AC, but I haven't seen anyone there relentlessly bashing Apple like Rene has been with Android. Posted via HTC One M7
  • See. This is exactly why I think Android users are the stupidest idiots on the planet. This is about stupid Samsung commercials. NOT ANDROID. You idiots know the difference between the two, right?
  • Do you, in your infinite idiocy, know what a proxy is?
  • A 50 year old with the vocabulary of a 15 year old. Based on these and some of your past comments I've seen, you've gotta be one of the most pathetic apple fanboys I've ever come across.
  • Like this one is any different.
  • Samsung is just so bitter. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh boy it looks Samsing has once again made you mad again. Is this website a Samsung website on certain days of the week?
  • And everyone will thank you if you'd just hop off the Samsung rage fest. It's many times more irratitating than any Samsung advertisement could be. 6>6 is kind of lame but no more so than Apple's great slogans such as "bigger than bigger."
  • Yeah, that "bigger than bigger" was pretty bad. Plus, to most people I know, they didn't give a crap about the things techies go nuts over, like the TouchID home button, the camera lens covered in Sapphire Crystal, the metal unibody design, the thin profile, the blazing-fast processor, etc., etc., etc. They just cared that it was bigger. That was their upgrade. Not anything internal, just that the phone had a bigger screen.
  • I know that was my whole upgrade. I had a 5S and it was great, but I just wanted a bigger screen. So I got a 6.
  • The thing is, most people pay so much for something they're not going to get a lot out of. I think Apple should make two levels of phones, with one of them being for normal people and one for geeks. The thing is, Apple already makes a ton of money making phones with hardware made for geeks and perfectionists and selling them to average dudes who just want bigger screens. Not saying that you're an average person, but that to those same average consumers, there are so many more inexpensive options that will satisfy their basic needs.
  • I probably am pretty average, because I really couldn't care less about the specs and internal workings of my devices unless something isn't working right. I really just wanted a bigger screen, and that was about it. I guess my needs could've been adequately served by a less-expensive device, but I was already (mostly) pretty satisfied and comfortable with iOS, and I'd already "been there and done that" with Android devices, so really all I wanted was a bigger iPhone. My 5S was a great little device and I never had any significant issues with it, but that screen was just way too small for me. So when the 6 came out it was a no-brainer for me to upgrade to it.
  • Samsung is just downright embarrassing themselves at this point. Everyone knows that Apple is crushing them in sales and they go do more of the same. Samsung shareholders need to clean house and fire a whole lot of people. What is with Samsung that they can't make big changes? They alone make up half of my iOS > Android magazine. I think Samsung's stupidity is that they alienate potential iPhone switchers. They guarantee that most iPhone switchers would choose Motorola, HTC, or Sony.
  • Do you have an Android > iOS magazine also? This is a genuine question, not a failed attempt at insult.
  • I love ignorant apple fanboys.
  • But then what will you have to write about Rene if Samsung stops that? I mean, guess you will shift your rage towards Google then Lol
  • I recently saw this weird advert in a movie theatre that was an unboxing of the S6 and it was brief but it was unknown if these suits or whatever were from Samsung or not. The website they gave just goes to the website. I thought of "The Critic" and his catchphrase. Sent from the iMore App
  • Winter follows fall, day follows night and Rene jumps to the defense of Apple and attacks Samsung after the latter runs a comparison ad. Once i saw the ad, my first thought was, "boy, this is really going to send Rene into a tizzy." The second was trying to figure out how long it would take for Rene to post his rebuttal. The answers - "right" and "not very long". And, as far as gimmicky comparisons, Rene is the one that told us that the alignment of the ports on the bottoms of the phone was a good reason to buy an iPhone instead of a Samsung. Tone deaf. But, it has become rather hilarious how much Samsung is in his head. Rene, I know that you don't like being called a fanboy, but the evidence keeps exposing you. I'm sure that writing these types of stories is cathartic, but Apple doesn't need them, Samsung doesn't care and it really doesn't help iMore in any meaningful way.
  • Agreed. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's unfortunate that your rational and logical thought processes will run up against a wall of bias and fanboism with Rene, assuming he even sees this, which he likely won't.
  • Samsung adds might suck but the SGS6 Edge IMO is the hottest looking hardware made to date. It has the best screen made with a camera that is 2nd to none. I own the iPhone 6, Note 4 and yes the new SGS6 Edge with 128gb of storage in gold. Absolute beast and I will be honest the battery lasts longer than my iPhone 6 battery. I enjoy both OS, I am enjoying the hell out of my Samsung Edge. I have a Samsung 40 inch TV with Chromecast and I'm in freaken heaven. Sorry Rene, Don't agree with you at all, you are way off base. This is a dynamite device.
  • Sorry to break it to you vinny jr, but René is talking about the ads... not so much the products themselves. On a side note, I'm glad for you that you like the "Edge" so much. Personally I wonder why Samsung went with the "non-Edge" and "Edge" variants of the Galaxy S6... I mean, as opposed to going all-in on this double curved screen wagon. The back of the device is sub-par, but the front looks pretty impressive to me.
  • Rene is talking about the ads in this article, but has talked about many other things in numerous other Samsung related articles. The comment is obviously a reply to the collection of posts by Rene. Not that hard to figure out Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Read the 2nd last line in the column again.
  • So, what's your trick? How do you get decent battery out of the s6? Sent from the iMore App
  • Samsung constantly mentioning Apple in their ads is why I ended up back on the iPhone 5 after a few years on Android. They kept reminding me of their competition that I figured I might as well stop by the Apple Store and check out the 5....
  • Same here mate. They kept putting down the iPhone so I went and looked at them. Ended up getting one. I have bought them ever since. They were right to be worried. Funny that the advert they put out made me switch.
  •'s raining idiots up in here!!
  • Self identifying much?
  • Dude. This horse is so dead it's ridiculous. Sent from the iMore App
  • Emm.... im not liking rene's articles anymore. Too fanboi-ish and kind of pointless really. Sent from the iMore App
  • In before Rene tells you calling him a fanboi is because you're unable to articulate a proper and valid response towards his completely balanced and accurate article. But hey, if you don't like it you can click away and continue using an inferior product that sells your information :) /s Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • He doesn't interact in the comments on these types of articles much at all any more b/c his sole purpose is to troll and create clickbait - and it works every time.
  • This is pretty much it. Most blogs and sites use the same theme causing people to argue in the comments section. Just take a look at all the articles posted. Most have less than 10 comments. Anything that has to do with Android, Samsung etc closer to 100 or over.
  • We should all boycott commenting. Like that would ever happen... :)
  • All are embarrassing Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Seriously, I really hate these dumb Samsung bashing articles. Pointless
  • Rene. Samsung does make amazing phones. The Note 4 is my first Samsung and it likely won't be my last. And I have seen the latest Apple phones because I got my wife the iPhone 6 at the same time I got the Note. I definitely would not want to trade phones with her.
    I can't comment on the ads as I don't pay much attention to them.
  • This website is pure crap. I swear I see an article from them on my flipboard and I can totally see they just write about whatever just to have content. Reviewing bands? Bashing the competition when if it weren't for other companies pushing the envelope we would still be using 4 inch phone. Removing you of my flipboard. Good riddance. Laaaameeeeee!
  • Apple commercials are always classy. Samsung commercials spend more time talking how bad the competition is than focusing on their product. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple rarely shows off their product in their ads dude. The only Apple commercial that was in depth recently was the Watch commercials.
  • "Reviewing bands? Bashing the competition when if it weren't for other companies pushing the envelope we would still be using 4 inch phone." Booyah!! I've always been using an iPhone (used a Samsung Juke pre-iPhone days), and while Samsung ads are distasteful, this also hits where it hurts, Oh why the hell did it take Apple so long to get a 4.5inch+ phone out there?? Why is it that the fanboys bashed Android for "overcompensating" by having 4.5inch+ Phones when now they are the ones "overcompensating" themselves?? Rene must love this sort of attention, because I would've quit doing this when I begin noticing a trend of hate mail after posting such posts like this.
  • It's just a direct comparison ad. Give it a rest you sad little man. I'm sure there must be something else, ANYTHING! else to write about. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh come on, let the guy be a fanatical moron. His hard-on for apple/ hatred for Samsung is amusing. Amd it's his job, even if it is pathetic. lmao
  • Pot calling kettle black? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • "Don't be a wall-hugger."
  • That time when Samsung had removable batteries.
  • That time Samsung ripped Apple for a bottom-positioned headphone jack
  • Sorry buddy but this is iMore so if you don't like it go back to Android Central
  • It's ridiculous how horrible Samsung commercials are. It tells me nothing that the S6 can do other than some features that no one will ever use. The edge on the S6 edge is distracting.
  • Use them often. Your simply offering opinions on things you can't do. No validity there, sorry. Posted via S6 Edge
  • Reading the comments on this article (and others like it) is both sad and hilarious. Sad because people who hate these articles make sure to comment and complain, EVERY TIME. Hilarious because those same people keep these articles coming because they continue to give these articles page clicks. Why would Rene stop making these articles if it's a virtual guarantee 30 of you will come into the article to bash and complain and then reply to others bashing and complaining. You're just making it worse for yourselves. Go complain to people who will care on AC or somewhere else, all you're doing is cementing Rene's job security by making sure to complain EVERY TIME.
  • I get a chuckle out of almost all of Rene's articles. Why would I want him to stop? On the other hand, I wonder if he wants to be taken seriously.
  • Samsung must be getting desperate when they have to advertise that their Edge S6 or whatever it is takes wider selfies than the iPhone 6 and that you can see the time on the EDGE of the phone because physically picking up your phone to look at the whole screen is I guess too much work.... Fire your advertising people. Your whole argument is stupid. And you wonder why you see so many more iPhones around than this Edge phone... Sent from the iMore App
  • Isn't the primary selling feature of the Apple watch that you don't have to pick up your phone? Please explain the difference here vs the edge night clock. Posted via S6 Edge
  • Good point point!
  • Poorly written and unnecessary article. Sent from the iMore App
  • What's inspiring about these iPhone ads?
  • Let me venture a guess... that you can make videos like these right off an iPhone?!
  • As usual, poor form, Mr Ritchie.
  • lmao I'm a Mac I'm a PC: This is awesome!
    I'm a Samsung I am Apple: WOW Samsung WOW SO LAME Ren This is what so called tech reviews/writers have to resort to, and its painfully hilarious
  • LOL, the irony. So when you bash google and android, it's perfectly fine, you have at least one article on the topic every single day. When Samsung does it in a commercial, suddenly it's a sin. :D "Stop worrying about Apple...." Same goes for you tbh about Android or android OEMs.
  • Ironic how these ads are wrong and distasteful and desperate, but the "Mac vs PC" ads with Justin long were not. Double standard much?
  • Samsung makes a really nice television set though.
  • Na. Not a fan of their TVs, I like Sony sets. The S6 Edge is the nicest phone out there tho.
  • Rene, if you have no problems writing ads for Apple about why people should switch from Google to Apple, or from Android to iOS, why then do you have a problem when Samsung makes ads showcasing areas where their products are objectively better than Apple's? If the ads are factually accurate, then I don't see what your objection is. Or if your objections make any sense at all. Apple habitually lambasts their competition in public. Yet, I don't ever see you writing articles about how tacky and classless that is. But when Samsung makes an ad that's factually accurate, somehow this offends your sensibilities. Ads are supposed to showcase your products in better light than the competition. And the Samsung ads did just that. Wireless charging is useful. Cameras with wider lens angles are useful. For some people, the notification features of the display edges might be useful. The iPhone has none of these features, so what's wrong with Samsung advertising that to potential buyers as an objective advantage that their product has over the competition?
  • As I have many times, you've been lured into the illogical and irrational world of Rene's articles, meant only to troll those of us with rational brains. *hands beer*
  • "[...] Apple habitually lambasts their competition in public. Yet, I don't ever see you writing articles about how tacky and classless that is. But when Samsung makes an ad that's factually accurate, somehow this offends your sensibilities. [...]" Apple doesn't "lambast" it's competition in public, you are simply remembering things hazelly... They haven't produced ads that mentions the competition in a very long while (6 or 7 years) and are basically under a different leadership/position than they were back in those days anyway. I think you conflate events together in order to believe that Apple is "lambasting". There's is a difference between; mentioning things in an interview; highlighting a specific phrase from a journalist in a presentation; taking a company to court (and winning) because you feel "damaged" by them - and between paying millions of dollars to produce and air ads mocking the competition with a snarky tone.
  • The irony. Telling Samsung should stop attacking or mentioning iPhones, but always making Samsung articles about it lol.
  • I use an iPhone and I love these Samsung ads. They hit right on target. :)
  • That’s the position I’m in.
  • Good Good
    Let the butthurt flow thru you.
  • It is just an ad just as it's still Touch Wiz. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Love the free Samsung advertising Rene. Although I wonder how much Samsung is paying for you guys to broadcast these commercials. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh the bitterness and smug is strong. Very strong. Success Samsung.