AirTag reunites couple with luggage four months after airline lost it

AirTag on keyring
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Apple's AirTag is at it again and, this time, it's reunited a couple with their lost luggage after four months of Air Canada being unable to find it.

As reported by Insider, Nakita Rees and Tom Wilson's luggage got stuck in Montreal and, despite trying to work with Air Canada, to get it back, it was lost — for four months. According to the couple, the luggage was eventually donated to charity due to Air Canada claiming that it was unable to determine who the owners were.

The couple said that, after getting the police involved, "we've heard from the cop and this is gonna blow your mind, TikTok...our luggage was donated to a charity on behalf of Air Canada." 

The airline blamed the pandemic, saying in a statement that "this customer traveled late in the summer at a time when all air carriers in Canada were still recovering from the COVID-related, systemic disruption of the entire air transport industry. One consequence was an elevated rate of baggage delays. In this particular case, the situation was compounded by the disconnection of the baggage tag at some point on the journey. Despite our best efforts, it was not possible for us to identify the bag's owner. It was designated as unclaimed, and we moved to compensate the customer."

Thankfully, even with the airline's struggles to find the luggage for months, the couple has been reunited with their belongings due to Apple's AirTag.

Apple's AirTag is coming in handy

Apple's AirTag has been in the news for a number of reasons since its launch. While some stories are quite concerning and involve people using them for nefarious purposes like stalking, others are positive, like the story of a woman who found her lost luggage using the tracking device. One man tracked his lost wallet across 35 cities.

The little item tracker, which can keep track of keys, bags, and more, integrates with Apple's Find My network. If you want to find the best way to deploy AirTag across your life, check out our list of the Best AirTag Accessories in 2022.

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