Another Amazon deals event is coming, so get ready for some big Apple discounts on these dates

Live coverage of Amazon Prime Early Access sales
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Every year, Amazon has held some massive deals events in the form of Prime Day, and last year it added an extra one — Amazon Prime Early Access Deals. Despite it having the most irritating name possible, Amazon has brought the event back for another year, although this year it looks and sounds a little different.

That horrible name has been changed, for one, as the two-day sale is now called “Amazon Prime Big Deal Days”, which, we imagine, will mean lots of… big deals. You’ll need a Prime account to make sure that you can get all the best deals, so you should probably get one of those sorted. It also sounds like there will be more ‘Big Deals’ over the course of the two days; which is good, the Early Access Sale last year was slightly underwhelming, to say the least.

We also have a date: October 10-11.

It’s Prime Day, Jim, but not as we know it

The easiest comparison to make will of course be Prime Day which comes around every July, where this year we saw some epic lowest prices on Apple devices from iPads and Apple Watches to MacBooks and AirPods. While the Early Access sale wasn’t as good for that kind of deal in 2022, we’re holding out hope for some better deals this year so that we can save some money on the latest Apple gadgets.

We’ll be covering the entirety of the event, making sure that we find the best deals for you over the course of the two days. So get the 10-11 October bookmarked, brush off that Prime Account (Or set a reminder to start a free trial the day before), and get ready to save some money on some top Apple products — and more. Although perhaps not the just-released iPhone 15.

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