Prime Day may be over, but there are still some incredible Apple Deals: Here's some of the best

Prime Day is over, the two-day sale having run its natural course. Amazon has rolled up the banners, put away the signs and stored them all ready for next year. Just because the event is over, however, doesn't mean that the deals have gone anywhere – far from it.

In fact, there are still some brilliant deals to be had on loads of Apple devices. The MacBook Air M1 remains at its lowest price of $749, representing a $250 saving on full price, and the AirPods Pro 2 are still $199 – also a lowest price. It seems, in fact, that some of the lowest prices we saw over Prime Day are sticking around for a little while, so you can still save bit on Apple devices.

How long these deals will last for, however, remains to be seen. We've seen and reported on Prime Day since the sale first came about, and we've seen deals last for months and some deals last for an hour or two on the following day. Worried that there's going to be a better deal than the one that you got over Prime Day? If the price drops between now and July 19, then Amazon will refund you the difference – although it will have to be something you bought over Prime Day, which had a Prime Day badge. 

Editor's top picks

Best Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch Series 8 | $399

Apple Watch Series 8 | $399 $329 at Amazon

Prime Day is no longer here, but there's still a great deal on the Apple Watch Series 8. While not the $120 off that we saw over Amazon's sale, this $70 price drop is nothing to shake a stick at.

Price check: Apple $399 | Best Buy $399

Apple Watch SE | $249

Apple Watch SE | $249 $239 at Amazon

As Prime Day drew to a close, so too did the incredible $50 saving on the Apple Watch SE. The current deal only gives you $10 off – so worth waiting to see if there are any other price drops on this one.

Price check: Apple $249 | Best Buy $249

Apple Watch Series 8 Cellular | $499

Apple Watch Series 8 Cellular | $499 $429 at Amazon

The Prime Day $120 saving, alas, has gone, and in its place a slightly less impressive $70 saving. It's still not a bad reduction, and one that makes the watch more affordable than it would be at full price.

Price check: Apple $499 | Best Buy $499

Apple Watch Ultra | $799

Apple Watch Ultra | $799 $779 at Amazon

We're seeing a slight discount of $20 on the Yellow Ocean Band Apple Watch Ultra, with all other prices holding fast at $799. This is exactly the same deal that we had over Prime Day – almost like this is just the new full price.

Price check: Apple $799 | Best Buy $799

Best iPad deals

 iPad Air | $599

 iPad Air | $599 $549 at Amazon

So after Prime Day, we're back up $50 to bring the price up to its pre-Prime Day price. Funny that. This $50 saving is still good, but not as good as the $100 saving we saw over Amazon's big sale event.

Price check: Apple $599 | B&H Photo $599 | Best Buy $599

iPad mini | $499

iPad mini | $499 $399 at Amazon

After Prime Day, there has been a slight $20 increase in price on the iPad mini, but this $100 saving is still a good one. If you waited to see if it would get cheaper, you're not in luck – but this deal remains a good price.

Price check: Apple $499B&H Photo $499 | Best Buy $499

 iPad 10th gen | $449

 iPad 10th gen | $449 $399 at Amazon 

Prime Day brought with it the lowest-ever price, and while not quite as low as that, this $50 saving is still a nice reduction. This is on all the color options as well, so you can nab yourself a solid deal no matter what you're looking for.

Price check: Apple $449 | B&H Photo $449 | Best Buy $449

 iPad 9th gen | $329

 iPad 9th gen | $329 $279 at Amazon 

What used to be the lowest price is no longer – we're back up to $279. That's still a solid deal on the tablet, and we wouldn't be surprised if this price sticks around now for a little longer.

Price check: Apple $329B&H Photo $319 | Best Buy $329

iPad Pro 12.9-inch | $1099

iPad Pro 12.9-inch | $1099 $1049 at Amazon

The Price that was there before Prime Day, the price during Prime Day, and now it's the post-Prime Day price – this $50 saving remains. It's a nice saving, although, in the face of over a grand, it doesn't seem or feel like much.

Price check: Apple $1099B&H Photo $1049 | Best Buy $1099

Best AirPods deals

AirPods Pro 2 | $249

AirPods Pro 2 | $249 $199 at Amazon

Oooh, the price we saw during Prime Day has stuck around! This is still the lowest price ever on the AirPods Pro 2, and marks a great time to grab a pair of the noise canceling earbuds.

Price Check: Apple $249 | B&H Photo $224 | Best Buy $249

AirPods Max | $549

AirPods Max | $549 $449 at Amazon

While not the lowest price, this is still an excellent price to grab some AirPods at. A $100 is nothing to turn your nose up at, particularly with some very expensive headphones like these.

Price Check: Apple $549 | B&H Photo $499 | Best Buy $479

AirPods 2 | $129

 AirPods 2 | $129 $99 at Amazon

Prime Day couldn't give us the best price possible, and now they've gone up again. They're still sub-$100, which is nice, but a larger saving would be nice. If you need AirPods at a low price, then get these. Otherwise, there are loads of better options out there. 

Price Check: Apple $129 | B&H Photo $114 | Best Buy $129

AirPods 3 | $169

AirPods 3 | $169 $149 at Amazon

The AirPods 3 are not a cheap pair of earphones, and now they're back up by $10. Again, like the AirPods 2, there are much better options that you can get for less with more features.

Price Check: Apple $179 | B&H Photo $174 | Best Buy $169

Best Mac deals

MacBook Air M1 | $999

MacBook Air M1 | $999 $749 at Amazon

What could arguably called the deal of Prime Day, this $250 saving is still around even though the big sale is over. This is the lowest price the MacBook Air M1 has ever been, and in some ways is even the deal of the year.

Price check: Apple $999 | B&H Photo $869 | Best Buy $999

MacBook Air M2 15-inch | $1299

MacBook Air M2 15-inch | $1299 $1249 at Amazon

After some epic deals on Apple's latest MacBook, we're back up to almost full price. This $50 saving is ok, but given the savings we've seen on the laptop before they are nothing worth looking at now.

Price check: Apple $1299 | B&H Photo $1199 | Best Buy  $1299

MacBook Pro 16-inch | $2499

MacBook Pro 16-inch | $2499 $2299 at Amazon

Prime Day didn't give us any bigger deal than this $200 saving, but that saving has now stuck around afterward. While it might not sound like a massive discount in the face of a two-and-a-half grand price, it's still a good saving.

Price check: Apple $2499 | B&H Photo $2299 | Best Buy $2499

$2499 at Amazon

MacBook Pro 16-inch 1TB | $2699 $2499 at Amazon

Prime Day didn't make any better savings here, but this $200 reduction is still a good one. You'll get extra storage space too, so that you can store more work, and like, cat pics.

Price check: Apple $2699 | B&H Photo $2299 | Best Buy $2499

MacBook Air M2 512GB | Out of stock at Amazon

MacBook Air M2 512GB | Out of stock at Amazon

Everyone bought these over Prime Day, and now there are none left! Your best bet at the moment for a good saving is going to be heading over to B&H Photo, where the laptop has decent $200 saving.

Price check: Apple $1099 | B&H Photo $949 | Best Buy $999

MacBook Pro 13-inch | $1299

MacBook Pro 13-inch | $1299 $1099 at Amazon

The $200 saving from Prime Day has stuck around on the weird problem child from Apple, and a good saving it is too. If you want to get hold of a MacBook with touch bar, then this is the way to get one.

Price check: Apple $1299 | B&H Photo $1149 | Best Buy $1099

Best iPhone deals

 iPhone SE | $429 at Amazon

 iPhone SE | $429 at Amazon

There are no savings on the iPhone SE on Amazon, just as there weren't any savings over Prime Day. At least it actually stuck around on the Amazon site, however, unlike last year.

Price check: Apple $429 | Best Buy $404

iPhone 13 | $829 at Amazon

iPhone 13 | $829 at Amazon

Don't buy an iPhone from Amazon, under any circumstances. It's more expensive than going to even Apple, and you'll be locked to cricket – just all round a bad plan

Price check: Apple $699 | Best Buy $679

iPhone 12 | $788 at Amazon

iPhone 12 | $788 at Amazon

More evidence that buying an iPhone from Amazon is a fools errand – it's almost $200 more expensive than just picking one up from Amazon. Bad plan, we say.

Price check: Apple $599Best Buy $604

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