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There are some great deals to be had in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale on Apple products. There are some great prices on AirPods, iPads, and even MacBook Airs. Depending on the product you choose, you could save up to $200 and grab one of the lowest prices ever on a few of the most popular Apple products. Just remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime account for most of these deals, and you'll be golden!

Lowest prices ever on Apple products

AirPods 2 |$159now $89 at Amazon

AirPods 2 | $159 now $89 at Amazon

They might not be the newest or shiniest AirPods in the world, but they are some very solid little in-ear buds. They'll charge wirelessly when they're in the case, and you'll get around 20 hours of battery life combined. They hook up with bluetooth to your iPhone super easily, and they sound pretty good too for such small earbuds. They're also, currently, the cheapest AirPods around - at almost the cheapest price we've ever seen. Given how quickly they went out of stock over Prime Day, we reckon they'll fly off the shelves now.

AirPods Pro 2 |$249now $235 at Amazon

AirPods Pro 2 | $249 now $235 at Amazon

No, $15 isn't the biggest nor the best deal in the Amazon Early Access Sale, but it is a surprising one. Of all the reduced products on the list these are some of the newest, so the fact that they even have any kind of discount at all is surprising to say the least. The AirPods Pro 2 feature a new case with more wireless charging support, a speaker for new 'find my' functionality (they ping if you lose them) and more battery life. The buds sound even better than before with more noise canceling and an adaptive transparency mode. While the discount isn't the biggest, its still the biggest we've seen so far in their not quite full month of release.

Apple Watch Series 8 |$399now $349 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 | $399 now $349 at Amazon

This is another surprise in the price reductions - the brand new Apple Watch Series 8. This $50 discount is more than some Apple Watches have received in an entire year, so it's well worth dipping your toe in with this one. The Apple Watch Series 8 looks similar to the previous model but contains more battery life and a temperature sensor to more easily track your vitals. This is now the lowest price we've ever seen on the watch, which is pretty good considering the things only been out for a month.  

iPad 10.2-inch |$329now $269 at Amazon

iPad 10.2-inch | $329 now $269 at Amazon

The most affordable iPad of the bunch, the iPad 10.2 inch is perhaps the best iPad for everyone. It's well priced and equipped with its Retina display and A15 chip, it will do most people very well as a capable tablet. This new price is the cheapest it has ever been, making an already affordable tablet even easier to afford. There are discounts on all the colors, storage options, and connectivity options, so if you want more gigabytes or one with a cellular connection, then you'll still save some money.

iPad Air |$599now $519 at Amazon

iPad Air | $599 now $519 at Amazon

The iPad Air is perhaps one of Apple's most impressive products to date - it's as powerful as one of the more expensive Pro models, but comes in at around $300 cheaper. That price gap has grown now even more with this $80 price drop for a new lowest ever price in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. We can't see that this price will stick around for long - or the tablets themselves - so make sure you make use of this incredible price while you still can.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch |$1099now $899 at Amazon

iPad Pro 12.9-inch | $1099 now $899 at Amazon

The biggest and the shiniest in the Apple iPad lineup, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch comes at a hefty cost. You'll get some impressive specs for your money though - that massive screen, and M1 laptop chip and 120Hz refresh rate to name but a few. This new price in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is the lowest we've ever seen the tablet by around $50, and its a full $200 off full price. You'll find discounts on all the options too, so shop around colors, storage and connectivity options to make sure you get the right iPad Pro for you.

MacBook Air M1 |$999now $799 at Amazon

MacBook Air M1 | $999 now $799 at Amazon

The MacBook Air M1 was replaced this year, but that doesn't stop the M1 from being an excellent computer for almost everyone. It's a solid performer with a luscious Retina display and comfortable clicky keyboard that will do anyone well who needs a very portable little laptop. All the colors are available here, but only the 256GB storage option has a reduction in this case. This new price in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is the lowest price the MacBook Air M1 has ever been - so make sure you get in there quick, so you don't miss out.

Finding Apple deals and sales at the best of times can be tricky, but thankfully the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale has some great deals out of the gate. These deals won't last long, with the last day of the sale on October 12 - sometimes the deal prices stick around for a little while after the sale is over, but it's never worth waiting in case they don't. Be careful with stock around these products, too - we've seen deals appear on these items before, and then the whole world decides they want a piece of the action too. These are high-ticket items, and discounts are rare, so it's no great surprise.

We are tracking the rest of the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale live as it happens as well, so make sure you're sticking with us as we highlight the best deals as we spot them! If you're after other Apple products, we've got you covered for the rest of the year as well. There are the best iPad deals and sales, AirPods sales and deals, and more.

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