Excited about Apple's upcoming AI features at WWDC? Make sure you've got an iPhone 15 Pro or at least an M1 Mac to use the most powerful enhancements

iPhone 15 Pro with a titanium finish running iOS 17
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Apple’s AI features, expected to be announced at WWDC on June 10, are set to transform how we use our devices every day — but if you own an Intel Mac or something older than an iPhone 15 Pro, we may have bad news.

According to Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg, a big part of the company’s AI features will focus on revamping Siri, its smart assistant which first debuted in 2011 alongside the iPhone 4S. It will allegedly be able to control app functions. For example, you may be able to ask Siri to create a new email in the Mail app with certain addresses placed in the send box. While it’s encouraging that we’ll finally see some overdue upgrades to Siri, Gurman also reveals in this report that most of these AI features will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Apple silicon Macs at least.

It’s an understandable approach, as Apple wants to have its AI operate on-device, instead of communicating with a server to generate responses. This is a big distinction from other AI assistants that do, such as Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot. It’s worth mentioning though, that Apple and OpenAI have reportedly agreed on a deal for ChatGPT to help Siri with more demanding tasks in the future.

Apple has already been highlighting how AI can be used in its recent Apple silicon products, such as the M3 MacBook Air and M4 iPad Pro. The company is clearly laying the groundwork for how its chips can work with AI on-device before WWDC, so it’s no surprise that we’ll be hearing more about what these AI features entail very soon.

The full breadth of Apple’s AI features in iOS 18 and macOS 15 are set to be announced at the WWDC keynote on June 10. The company is also expected to reveal iPadOS 18 and watchOS 11 for supported devices as well.

Other apps that could be using AI

A revamped Siri is just the tip of what Apple has planned for AI across its devices. In a previous issue of Mark Gurman’s ‘Power On’ newsletter, he revealed that Apple’s AI will be used in other apps for creating playlists in Apple Music, as well as to auto-complete some lines in its Pages and Keynote apps. A new version of its Xcode programming suite will also reportedly come with AI features, which will help developers complete certain lines of code that they may be struggling with.

Apple’s upcoming updates look set to be huge for iPhone and Mac — but if you’ve got an Intel Mac or anything less than an iPhone 15 Pro, you may be out of luck when it comes to these upcoming AI features.

iPhone 15 Pro | $999 at Apple

iPhone 15 Pro | $999 at Apple

Featuring a Titanium finish, a USB-C port as well as a powerful A17 Pro chip, it's the perfect choice to take advantage of Apple's AI features in the coming months.

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