You can now repair your iPhone 15 and these M2 Macs all by yourself

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Apple has today announced it is expanding its Self Service Repair to include the iPhone 15 and a series of M2 Macs. 

In a press release the copmany confirmed that Self Service Repair is now available for its best iPhone, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, as well as the M2 Mac lineup. That includes the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Studio.

Along with this welcome update, Apple is also rolling out its Self Service Repair to 24 additional European countries including Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland, bringing the total to 33. 

Diagnostics gets some love

Apple has also rolled out a new diagnostic tool "that gives users more transparency and autonomy to troubleshoot issues". The company says its designed for "users with the knowledge and expertise to repair Apple devices," giving them the same ability as Apple Authorized Service Providers and Independent Repair Providers to test devices for "optimal part functionality and performance." 

Apple's Self Service Repair scheme is the company's response to calls for more autonomy and accessibility when it comes to users repairing devices that they own. However, the company still faces criticism from companies like iFixit, which says Apple devices remain too difficult for most people to repair. Last year the group even said the program made MacBooks seem less repairable than they actually are. It's also quite a cumbersome process, with Apple shipping users a 79-pound repair kit (that they must pay to rent) in order to fix small iPhone items like the battery. 

Despite its efforts with repair program, Apple maintains that for those "who don’t have experience repairing electronic devices," the best way to get a repair done is by visiting an Apple Store or an Authorized Service Provider. 

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  • Annie_M
    Nope! No way - no how! The thought of even attempting to repair my iPhone gives me chills. I was barely able to replace the battery in my Outback's key fob!