Apple's Elena Segal to head up new global music publishing division for Apple Music

Apple has launched a new division focused on global music publishing. The division will be led by Elena Segal, who previously the director of iTunes International.

From Music Business Worldwide:

MBW hears that the new music publishing team at Apple Music will contain sub-divisions including Operations, Commercial, Publisher Relations and A&R. (The latter refers to assisting with the development of key songwriters, rather than signing talent directly.)

Segal has been with Apple since 2006, specializing in legal and licensing issues for the iTunes Store, including licensing needed to launch the store around the world. Since 2015, she has also performed similar duties related to Apple Music. Segal will be running her division from London.

This is seen as one of the first big moves by Apple Music's new head of worldwide operations, Oliver Schusser. Schusser is said to be placing a lot of value on artist discovery on the side of publishers and establishing better relationships between music publishers and Apple Music, the sort of relationships that artists and labels have enjoyed for years already.

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.