Record labels may offer some songs for free in Apple's rumored music service

Apple's heavily-rumored streaming music service will reportedly lack a free tier, though there will apparently be a free trial of the service, which could extend between one and three months. Additionally, it's said that labels will be able to provide some songs for free, according to Re/code:

A feature that will let music owners upload a sampling of songs that users could could listen to without subscribing to the service. Several sources describe this feature as something akin to SoundCloud, the music streaming service that describes itself as the "YouTube for audio."

Apple will also reportedly revamp iTunes Radio, with stations powered by humans, rather than algorithms. The company is said to have hired Zane Lowe away from BBC Radio 1 for this purpose.

Despite reported issues in securing deals for the service, it's said that Apple is still hoping to debut the service at WWDC 2015, with a rumored price of $9.99 per month.

Source: Re/code

Joseph Keller

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  • I'm getting bad vibes with this music service thing. I'm sure not paying $10 a month for it.
  • Music subscription services are a "bag of hurt". While some are better than others, they all have annoyances like unavailable content, streaming and playback problems, and software usability issues. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have been beta testing MixRadio and it is awesome yes it has commercials but I can live with that they are not that long
  • I've been very happy with iTunes Match, for $25 USD per year having all my music in the cloud for streaming and iTunes Radio commercial free. I don't want to lose that. If Apple serves their music service from a satellite instead of cell towers — like Sirius XM — I'll consider $10/month because I'm paying that now. Our cell service around our home can't handle streaming music reliably.
  • As I said once before, my music was regrettably lost or damaged through use.
    I was adamant to pay $10 for Spotify premium.
    But now I am glad I do. It's nice to create playlists for offline use when I am in my car.
    I liked iTunes Match, but you cannot use it offline.
    I also thought about rebuilding my music library.
    Which if I like a certain album or song enough, I may purchase it.
    But my music tastes change, I found I have music I bought where I don't want to listen to the song anymore.
    In the meantime, I am a happy Spotify user.
    And I will also see what Apples new music service is about.
  • I recently started looking at various streaming services mostly for new music/audio discovery. (Good radio where did you go?!) So far Spotify seems to be the best service; and has a pretty nice library. Still having my audio library (almost 50GB/9000 files) locally on my device CANNOT be beat as I do not always have access to the internet. More competitors is always good but I don't see Apple moving the sector forward. So far all the rumors and details are pointing to just another expensive and restrictive service.
  • Well, nobody can move the sector forward on rumours alone. Wait for the rumoured free trial period before you rush to judgement.
  • They could hire me to make their iTunes Radio playlists, LOL. Sent from the iMore App
  • And it'll probably be US/North American only forever like iTunes Radio currently is. Sent from the iMore App
  • Free music, I think that's YouTube. Posted via the iMore App for Android