There are a lot of great iPhone SE deals out there right now, and one of the best ones is actually from Apple directly. Odds are you have a phone in your hands right now that you aren't happy with, and that phone could be worth as much $500 when you trade it in towards a new iPhone SE. Values range from $30 to $500, and Apple is accepting more than just current iPhone models, with things like the Pixel lineup, various Samsung Galaxy devices, and older iPhones being accepted right now.

Apple will give you only $30 for an iPhone 6 and $500 for the iPhone XS Max, so you can get the 128GB iPhone SE for free, or upgrade to the 256GB model for just $50 out of pocket.

iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE (2020)

Trade in your current phone for Apple's new iPhone SE and save big right now!

Sure, not everyone will want to trade in an iPhone XS Max to get the new iPhone SE, but there are several reasons that you may want to. The new iPhone SE packs a whole slate of modern internals in a very familiar design. It has Apple's A13 Bionic processor, a 12MP camera, 2nd-gen Touch ID, and much more. There is wireless charging, portrait photos, improved battery life, and best of all if you had any iPhone 8 accessories laying around they will still work.

The process is simple, as well. You just have to select which phone you are going to trade in, complete the purchase of your new phone, and then once your new phone is delivered Apple will send you a box to mail the trade in back with. Once inspected and all, Apple will refund the agreed amount back to your original payment method. Be sure to head over to Apple now to see how much your old phone may be worth as a trade in! If you happen to trade in a phone worth more than the new iPhone you purchase, Apple will send the difference to you as a gift card.

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