Pixelmator's Photomator gets a big file-browsing upgrade on Mac — find your photos fast with native macOS tech

Photomator file browser
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Pixelmator Pro might be one of the best Mac apps available when it comes to photo editing, but Pixelmator's subscription-based alternative Photomator is a capable substitute that just got a big upgrade. 

Not only is Photomator free, but it also works across iPhone, iPad, and Mac for seamless editing across all of your Apple devices. With synchronization at its heart, finding files is important, which is why version 3.3 brings a powerful new file browser with macOS's design in mind. 

Pixelmator says the update "makes it easier and faster than ever to browse and edit photos, not just on your Mac, but also on external drives and cloud services." The new browser, available for Mac, is "designed using native macOS technologies, offers an exceptionally fast and seamless photo browsing and editing experience." It integrates native features such as drag and drop and the macOS share menu so that browsing files in Photomator will feel just as intuitive as using Finder. 

Photomator 3.3

Photomator's new file browser is built on Apple's File System, so it also saves storage space. This is because it doesn't catalog photos, or store duplicates. It also automatically syncs edits with the original file to ensure "a clutter-free photo editing experience." 

The new update also improves editing photos stored on cloud services including Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as external storage locatiosn including SSDs and SD cards. Edits made on your Mac remain viewable on your iPhone and iPad. The update is free for existing users, and Photomator as a whole can be tried for free if you've never used it before. The app has been awarded both iPad App of the Year and Mac App of the Year in Apple's App Store Awards. Photomator's update coincides nicely with iMore's iPhone Photography Week, which includes a guide on how to use its counterpart Pixelmator Pro to transform iPhone images in just a few seconds, thanks to its powerful one-click editing. 

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