Artist Paints Cover for New Yorker Magazine -- on iPhone!


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The New Yorker (via Engadget Mobile) has an amazing cover for their June issue that was painted... on an iPhone!

Jorge Colombo used the app, Brushes ($4.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)) to create the work. He told the New York Times that the iPhone:

“made it easy for me to sketch without having to carry all my pens and brushes and notepads with me, and I like the fact that I am drawing with a set of tools that anybody can have easily in their pocket,” he said. There is one other advantage of the phone, too: no one notices he is drawing. Mr. Colombo said he stood on 42nd Street for about an hour with no interruptions.

The editors liked the more organic, dream-like quality of the iPhone image, not as sharp or technical as typical electronic renderings.

We like it too. Video after the break!

Rene Ritchie

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  • pretty cool !
  • Oh the irony of not being able to view the image on my iPhone!
  • Created on the iPhone but not viewable on the iPhone? LOL!
  • That's incredible
  • Put static image on top, moved video below the fold. Now 50% more iPhone friendly!
  • Thanks! Now I can see.
  • How about posting only videos that are viewable on the iPhone? (from YouTube and such)? You could take the time to create a Tipb account on YouTube to repost videos that were originally not viewable for everyone. I assume most of your readers follow you from their iPhones.
  • made it easy for me to sketch
    Riiiiiiiggghhhht. This guy works from a different definition of "easy" than the one I'm used to.
  • @ icebike
    Dude... go troll somewhere else.
    Your arguing with someone's opinion, you know that its ridiculous to do that right? Seriously a lot of us here are tired of you
  • That's an incredible image!
    It will be interesting to see what else gets created with Brushes -- programs like this really show that the iPhone is more than just a phone and that real work can be done while on the go.
  • i saw this earlier, there are like 6 or so pics he did on another site. Dude is amazing
  • @iShirk
    Dude… go troll somewhere else.
    It wasn't a troll, simply saying I couldn't do a drawing like that on the iphone or with canvas and paints even after 3 years of professional instruction.
    I see you are up to your usual standards of contribrution around here.
  • @ icebike maybe it takes more skill to do it? Just appreciate whats there and if you have nothing good to say then don't.
  • Thats not what you said at all actually.
    In your first comment you ripped on the painter,
    your second comment you gave him props for being able to do it. See the difference? Keep up the good work son.
  • Amazing. Gonna look into that app.
  • @Tunnelrunner Did I miss something about the app? What app does he use? haha
  • Oh. Obviously I did. Brushes. Haha sorry :D
  • In your first comment you ripped on the painter,
    In my first comment all I said is his idea of Easy is different than mine. Not a rip, more a sign of respect for his talents.
    You really need to have a beer and lighten up.
  • Respect for working on an ipod sized canvas and producing this result. Great work, love to see more.
  • You need to stop trolling. End of story.
  • Thats no trolling at all. Maybe you just misinterpreted his comment. Relax.
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