AT&T reportedly stops selling Beats Music subscriptions

If you're a Beats Music subscriber, as well as an AT&T customer, this news may be a little disheartening. AT&T is no longer offering an add-on package that provided customers with a Beats Music subscription that comes with an extended 90-day trial period.

The deal between the two companies, first offered shortly after Beats' debut, is no longer showing as available on AT&T's website, nor is Beats listing AT&T as an option. Additionally, MacRumors reports that AT&T employees have been instructed to stop offering Beats subscriptions to customers.

Neither side has offered any statement about the matter, though it is speculated that the change may be, at least in part, due to Apple's recent acquisition of the Beats brand.

Are you a Beats Music subscriber on AT&T? Will this news affect your choice of streaming service?

Source: MacRumors

Dan Thorp-Lancaster