Audio Hijack Pro update now allows you to record iPhone call audio

Rogue Amoeba released an update today for Audio Hijack Pro, the Mac software that allows users to record their Facetime audio, that extends the program's recording capabilities to phone calls made with your iPhone.

If you're using Audio Hijack Pro, you can take advantage of this new feature by opening the program's settings and changing the source application to "Facetime." From there, the application takes advantage of the new Phone Relay feature in OSX Yosemite to record audio calls from a paired iPhone running iOS 8.1.

If you're interested in recording your phone calls (for training purposes only, of course), you can grab Audio Hijack Pro for free here. If you're already a user, however, simply check for the update through the program's menu.

This is definitely a cool little tool, but there is potential for valid privacy concerns. Let us know your take in the comments.

Source: Rogue Amoeba

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • Why through training purposes? It's perfectly legal in some states without letting the other party know the call is being recorded.
  • In that case: Users should check out the laws for where they reside, and with everything.