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John Siracusa concludes his reign of epic OS X reviews

After 15 years and 11 Mac OS X reviews, Hypercritical author and Accidental Tech Podcast anchor John Siracusa has announced an end to his epic operating system coverage on Ars Technica.

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What we're expecting from WWDC 2015

WWDC 2015 is around the corner. What are you expecting?

Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference, themed "The epicenter of change," will kick off June 8 this year and run a full week, closing on June 12. Here's what iMore's staff is looking forward to seeing from the company's keynote and state of the union when CEO Tim Cook takes the stage Monday morning.

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Hearthstone: Ten tips, hints, and tricks to building a killer deck

Hearthstone is now available for iPad and iPhone. Here are some starter tips for building a great deck!

Blizzard's Hearthstone has quietly — or perhaps not so quietly — taken the gaming world by storm. The free-to-play title combines everything great about skill-based card games with gameplay as addicting as the company's MMOs, and it's been a blast to get acquainted with.

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Here's what the Apple Watch Sport looks like with a Milanese Loop

You may not be able to buy the Sport paired with a non-Sport band, but it still looks great as an accessory.

After a weekend of travel, I finally got a chance to visit the Apple Store to "officially" try on the Apple Watch. Despite having already placed my preorder — a 38mm Sport with White Sport Band, along with a separate Milanese Loop — I came prepared with a list of watches I wanted to try, just to try them.

In addition to trying on a variety of preset Watch/band combos, the in-store specialists let me actually swap out a few 38mm Watch bands on the 38mm Sport body. Here's how the Milanese looks on the Sport, along with a few other in-store comparisons (and a quick Siri test).

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How to use smart albums in Photos for Mac

Need to find a group of pictures quickly? Hook yourself up with Photos for Mac's smart albums.

Smart albums have long been a great way to quickly organize your images without the hassle of having to manually add each individual photo.

Photos for OS Mac, like iPhoto before it, has an easy and quick way to build a Smart Album — read on for a quick tutorial!

How to create a smart album in Photos for Mac

Smart albums are relatively simple to create: Visit the Albums tab, then click and hold the plus (+) button in the toolbar and select Smart Album.

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Photos for OS X FAQ: What you need to know!

Our long national iCloud photo-syncing nightmare is over: Photos for OS X, Yosemite's official successor to iPhoto, is now available with OS X 10.10.3. What's changed from iPhoto? What's stayed the same? Read on. You can also check out our super in-depth Photos for OS X Ultimate Guide and iCloud Photo Library Ultimate Guide for more information, how-tos, and walkthroughs.

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How to import your iPhoto Library into Photos for OS X

Make Photos for OS X shine — add photos by importing your iPhoto library.

Photos for OS X makes it easy for you to import your iPhoto Library into the app. If you just have a single iPhoto Library, Photos will do the work automatically for you. If you have multiple libraries, you'll have to choose which one you want to import. Here's how.

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Review: Photos for OS X takes the stress out of photo management

After almost a year of teasing, developer releases, and public betas, Photos for OS X is here and ready for action.

Like the iMovie, Final Cut, and iWork re-imaginings before it, Photos for OS X has taken the bones of iPhoto and Aperture to create an entirely new photo management program.

There are feature echoes here and there from its two predecessors, but Photos is an entirely new beast: new design, new editing workflow, and an all-new way of syncing your images from device to device in iCloud Photo Library.

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You can view your iCloud Photo Library while offline. Here's how!

Even if you don't have internet access on your Mac or iOS device, you can still access and manage your photos.

Photos for OS X and iOS let you sync your library to iCloud, so that you can have thousands of photos at your beck and call without having to store them locally on your machine or device. But what about when you don't have Wi-Fi or cellular data readily accessible?

Never fear: Whether you're stuck on a plane, in a tunnel, or simply want to show off photos when you don't have internet access, here's how you can still view and manage your iCloud Photo Library images.

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Napkin, the best annotation app for Mac, just got better!

Forget Skitch: My favorite screenshot annotation app is Aged and Distilled's Napkin.

Not only does Napkin let you annotate single screenshots, but you can also arrange multiple Retina-quality screenshots on a single canvas and export them accordingly. That might sound like niche software, but it's essential for those of us who need to annotate screenshots for articles, books, interface review, and other jobs involving design or production. Its latest updated, version 1.5, adds a bunch of must-have annotation features including redacting images, cropping them, and new arrow and fill shape styles.

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Force Touch is going to do incredible things for accessibility

I'm really excited about Force Touch for a bunch of reasons. But where I think it's going to really succeed? Accessibility.

I've been thinking about Force Touch almost non-stop since the Apple event a few weeks ago — what it means for Macs now, what it could mean for the future of software development, and how it might change artistry on the iPad. I've also been musing on what it could bring to accessibility in computing.

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You don't get to play the gender card to promote piss-poor writing

When you use "People are only attacking me because I'm a woman" as a marketing tool, you hurt every other female professional out there on the Internet.

A tweet today got me irrationally, stupidly, Peter Cohen-levels of angry. Namely, this tweet by Quartz writer Emma-Kate Symons.

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What we want to see from the next Apple TV

Apple just dropped the price of the Apple TV to $69 and announced an exclusive deal to bring HBO Now to customers just in time for Game of Thrones. But Apple also said that this was just the beginning. We've talked a little about the possible future of Apple TV, but it's a broad topic and that means we need to make the discussion big — iMore roundtable big!

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Animate to your heart's desire with Hype 3 and Hype Pro

I'm not a big fan of WSIWYG editors for the web. But Hype is something special.

Tumult's Hype — an HTML5 WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web and animation editor — is approaching its four-year anniversary in May, and what a way it has chosen to celebrate: The company is releasing a major update for its professional and prosumer users in the form of Hype Pro, packaged inside the all-new Hype 3 as a $49.99 upgrade.

I've had so much fun testing Hype Pro over the last few months: It's an excellent upgrade for longtime Hype users, and I suspect it may draw in quite a few new pro users, as well.

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Here's a transcript of Tim Cook's surprise Mad Money call

Apple CEO Tim Cook surprised Mad Money anchor Jim Cramer on the air Thursday with a sweet tenth anniversary wish for the show, which turned into a lively seven-minute conversation about ResearchKit, Apple Pay, and the Apple Watch. Below is a transcript of their conversation.

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Forget Force Touch trackpads — I want a pressure-sensitive iPad Pro

The new MacBook's trackpad is incredible. Now, imagine that technology in an iPad.

I got to spend just twenty minutes with the new MacBook trackpad on Monday, but it was enough to leave me feeling wowed, impressed, and a little bit disoriented.

Apple's long-in-the-making Force Touch trackpad uses haptic feedback to make your finger feel like it's depressing a button, even though the trackpad itself doesn't move. It's a sheet of glass. It doesn't have a button, it doesn't all depress at once — it does not move at all. But it feels like you're clicking. It feels like your finger is sinking into that immoveable glass and accessing deeper click levels than have ever existed on a trackpad.

Now, think about what Apple could do with that technology on a computer made entirely of glass.

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Hands on with the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition

Apple's tagline is a true one: The Apple Watch is coming, and soon. Here's what we think so far.

At Apple's Spring Forward event, Rene and I got a chance to play with Apple's Watch collection in a bit more detail than either of us were allowed last Fall. Though we're going to reserve any sort of sweeping judgements about the Watch until we actually get some in-depth hands on time with them in April, here are our latest impressions of Apple's upcoming smartwatch.

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Hands on with Apple's unbelievably-thin, battery-packed MacBook

The Mac is back and thinner than ever.

We got some hands-on time with Apple's new battery-packed, taptically-enhanced, Retina-quality laptop after Monday's Spring Forward event, and boy, is it pretty. Here's what Rene and I thought about Apple's newest Mac — where it's going, what it's doing for the laptop space, and the accuracy of that Force Touch trackpad.

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How to set up two-factor authentication for Dropbox

Don't let your Dropbox account get compromised. Protect it with two-factor authentication.

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How to set up two-factor authentication for Tumblr

Protect your Tumblr gifsets, memes, songs, blogs, and more.

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