BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod touch coming Dec 8

On December 8, the BBC iPlayer app for iPad is expanding to add support for the whole iOS family, including the iPhone and iPod touch. Bringing both current and classic content to iOS devices, the BBC iPlayer application is currently available in 16 countries for a flat subscription fee. Jane Bennett from BBC had the following to say

This platform extension shows how Global iPlayer isn’t just about moving TV to tablet devices, it’s also about a mobile strategy – about truly getting TV everywhere in a way that it hasn’t been before. We also want the global BBC iPlayer to be truly representative of the whole gamut of British creative output, to represent everything that is great about British content – not just the Best of British TV but the Best of British Culture.

Anyone planning on picking this up

Be sure to be on the look out on Thursday for the application as it becomes available for download.

Source: The Next Web

Jared DiPane

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