BBC announces subscription-based iPlayer coming to iPad in 2011

BBC Worldwide has gone on record stating they'll release a subscription-based iPlayer app for Apple's iPad tablet next year, according to The Financial Times.

The BBC is to launch a commercial version of its iPlayer video on demand technology, using a subscription model on Apple iPads and with the US probably the first to receive the service. It will be available only outside the UK, where the BBC is not allowed to charge for its content, and marks a new stage in the broadcaster’s move to exploit its content around the world.

iPlayer content has been strictly tied down to UK viewers only, so with this expansion to other countries (UK doesn't allow BBC to offer subscription-based services such as this for streaming audio/video under public funding) we're hoping it comes to the US as an initial select market. Don't start counting down the days, however, as BBC stated the service won't become available until sometime in mid-2011.

Any readers out there excited about this prospective new subscription service? Sound off in the comments below!

[MacStories via Financial Times]

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