Beats' #SoloSelfie ad for Solo2 is a mashup of celebrity donut selfies

Apple-owned Beats by Dre has released a new commercial featuring the new Beats Solo2 headphones. The campaign, titled #SoloSelfie, is filmed in the style of the iPhones-powered donut selfie.

The description of the ad doesn't give away which iPhone models were utilized to create the #SoloSelfie campaign so we aren't sure if the camera on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus was used.

According to Beats' official #SoloSelfie tutorial featuring Kenan Thompson, you can create your own Beats-inspired commercial using the rear camera and add slow motion effects and music to your video, as seen below:

The video imitates the donut selfie style that was popularized by Karen Cheng's YouTube video (she herself appears at about the mid-way point of the Beats ad):

Chuong H Nguyen