Update February 7, 2017: Beats has announced that the Beats X headphones will officially be available on Friday, February 10. The headphones will com in black, white, gray, and blue, according to CNET.

As part of my goal to collect all of Apple's W1 headphone lineup, I've been eagerly waiting for Apple's redesigned Beats X headphones to drop. On Monday, we inched just a bit closer:

Off an email tip, I checked Apple's Beats X page and was able to confirm that you can now check and see if Beats X headphones are available in your local Apple Store. That said, you can't actually order the headphones online just yet — and if you call the store, the Specialists will refer you back to Apple's website.


Still, this gets us ever-closer to Beats X's "Coming February" date: Crossing my fingers that we might see the headphones actually show up for purchase later this week.