Best iPhone Car Accessories 2020

Best accessories for your iPhone in the car
Best accessories for your iPhone in the car (Image credit: iMore)

If you use your iPhone in your car for things like music, podcasts, or navigation, you'll want some top-notch accessories to go with it. From a solid mount to keep your phone within reach but out of the way, to a charger that will keep your directions going and music playing through the last mile, these are the best iPhone car accessories for any traveler.

Time to accessorize

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Whether you're planning a short hop around town or you're gearing up for a big trip, all of these accessories are excellent to have with you if you use your iPhone in your car. Of these, I'd get the Aukey Nylon Braided Lightning cable, a durable cable that, at six feet, should reach anyone in your vehicle who needs it for charging or sending audio or data through your car.

For those who depend heavily on the phone for GPS directions, a good magnetic mount like the TechMatte MagGrip will be necessary for safe navigating. And if you have multiple people using their iPhones in the car at once, the Anker Powerdrive is a convenient dual USB charger. Honesty, these accessories are so convenient, it's probably ideal to have a few, even all of them!

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