Best alarm clock apps for iPad: CARROT Alarm, Rise, Night Stand HD 2, and more!

The best alarm clock apps for iPad that are guaranteed to get you out of bed and ready for the day ahead!

Apple didn't always ship a Clock app with the iPad, but added it in with iOS 6, and updated it with iOS 7. The original was based on the famous Swiss Train clock, the new one on general look and feel of iOS 7 in general. Neither really made big, beautiful use of the big, beautiful iPad display. And lets face it, if you keep your iPad on a stand on your desk, beside the bed, or anywhere around the house or office, you might as well enjoy the experience. Luckily, there are lot of fancier options to choose from in the App Store. Here are my current favorite alarm clock apps for the iPad:

Night Stand HD 2

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Night Stand HD 2 is an alarm with one goal, to get you out of bed and track your sleeping habits. If you've overslept too many days in a row, it gets harder to snooze the alarm. You may be asked to complete patterns by sliding your finger in order to earn your snooze. The most unique thing about Night Stand HD 2 is that it turns waking up into a game where you can earn points and achievements for waking up on time. It's even got Game Center support so you can compete against your friends who are also using Night Stand HD 2.

If you need an incentive or that extra push to get up in the morning, Night Stand HD 2's game play modes and snooze options are definitely worth a hard look.


CARROT Alarm has no mercy and for those that don't like to get out of bed in the morning, CARROT can either train you to do so rather quickly or she will remain your arch nemesis. Either way, CARROT won't fail to get you out of bed. Setup is easy but from there on out, CARROT has no mercy on your soul and will get angry if you don't get out of bed. She'll sing you songs and make you do tasks like shake your iPad in order for the alarm to turn off. Get out of bed, CARROT is happy and rewards you, remain a lazy human, and you'll be punished.

If you need a lot of help getting up in the morning and need an alarm that's persistent, definitely consider CARROT Alarm.

Rise Alarm Clock

Rise is a simple alarm clock app that isn't anything short of gorgeous. It's completely gesture driven so swipe from side to side in order to turn Rise on or off. Drag the time up and down in order to set your alarm. Then tap above or below in order to fine tune it. Rise supports screen flashes instead of music for the hard of hearing. As for the actual alarm, you can set any song from your iTunes Library you'd like. You can also create a playlist and time it for before you go to bed to put you to sleep.

If you want something simple that isn't overdone or complicated to figure out, Rise is the best bet.

Today - Wake Up Alarm Clock

Today is not only an alarm clock that can wake you up with music, it can also dish up morning news to you as you wake up so by the time you're out of bed, you're caught up on news and social feeds. Heck, it can even read it to you if you'd like. Today can link up to news feeds, social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and to local weather. It's a great time saver for those that like to quickly browse these kinds of things before getting out of bed or leaving the house for the day.

If you want an alarm clock that not only wakes you up but provides you with an update on social, news, and weather for the day, you'll definitely want to pick up Today.

Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD is somewhat versatile since it can be as simple or as informative as you want it to be. Aside from being able to customize the look and feel of the alarm, you can also link up your Twitter, Facebook, and feedbin accounts. Alarm Clock HD will then scroll through tweets and feed info towards the bottom of the alarm. It's easy to set up and easy to use. There's even a flashlight mode so if you need to see the in dark, it's accessible with one tap.

If you want something that acts and behaves like a traditional alarm clock, but with a twist, check out Alarm Clock HD.

Your picks?

These are our favorite picks when it comes to better looking, and just plain funner alarm clock apps for iPad. We know you guys are just as good at finding awesome apps too, so if you're using something different, let us know what it is and why in the comments!

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