Best web browsers for iPad: Google Chrome, Dolphin, Mercury, and more!

From managing downloads to virtual gaming controls, these are the very best alternative web browsers for iPad!

Safari comes built right into the iPad and can sync your bookmarks and open tabs over iCloud so you're always up to date, everywhere. But what if you don't use Safari on your phone or your desktop? What if you want more features than Safari provides? What if you just want something different? Well, you're in luck! The App Store has many great browser alternatives to choose from. Here are the very best!

on the iPad is a pretty decent browser and for the most part, it just works. However, it still lacks or falls short in certain areas. Perhaps you don't use Safari on your desktop browser and want something to seamlessly sync bookmarks. Regardless the reason, there are plenty of alternative web browsers available in the App Store that can take your browsing experience on the iPad to another level. Here are my current favorites...

Google Chrome

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Best alternative web browsers for iPad: Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular alternatives for people who are linked into Google services. If you use Chrome on your Mac or PC and save bookmarks, Chrome can sync them across your devices. You can also sign into your Google account in Chrome for iPad and all your settings and preferences are right there. One service, one experience. It's also supported by many third party apps so you can set it as the default browser.

If you're tied heavily into Google services or already use Chrome on your desktop, Chrome for iPad is a must-have.


Best alternative web browsers for iPad: Dolphin

Dolphin not only gives you another way to browse the web on your iPad but gives you more options that traditional desktop browsers would have, such as a downloads manager. If you have apps installed that are capable of opening certain kinds of downloaded files, Dolphin can manage them and launch them for you. You can also clip items to Evernote, share things to Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

If you want more of a desktop browser experience on your iPad, check out Dolphin.

Mercury Browser Pro

Best alternative web browsers for iPad: Mercury Pro

Mercury Browser Pro is best described as what you get when you combine the best parts of Safari and Google Chrome into one. If you've been using the Safari browser on your iPad for a long time, you'll feel right at home. You just have a lot more options. Things like ad blocking are built right in along with password like, social network integration, and more. It's one of the best designed alternative browsers and has great gesture support. Mercury Connect is even capable of syncing bookmarks and data across all your devices with both Firefox and Chrome.

If you like the Safari browser but wish it had more features, you want Mercury Browser Pro.


Best alternative web browsers for iPad: Puffin

The one feature that Puffin touts above all others is its speed. From loading web pages to tabbing through menus, it's smooth and lightning fast. Much like some of the other offerings, you've got many add-ons to choose from, the ability to download files, and much more. There's also options for virtual game pads and theater controls built right in. An added bonus for those that like to AirPlay content from their iPad.

If speed and performance are your number one concern, take a serious look at Puffin.

What's your favorite iPad browser ?

If you switched from Safari to one of the other alternate browsers listed above let me know which one and why! And if I didn't list your favorite, tell me which one it is and why you like it so much!

Allyson Kazmucha

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