Best Case for UE Wonderboom iMore 2020

The LTGEM EVA Hard Case for the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a highly-rated, durable, and affordable waterproof speaker case that's perfect for storing your tech while you're on the go.

Our Pick

LTGEM EVA Hard Case for the UE Wonderboom

Carry your UE Wonderboom securely and in style.

Being able to have a case that protects your gear is always a good call, but being able to pick one up that's super affordable and highly-rated is even better. The LTGEM EVA Hard Case for the UE Wonderboom is a well made, lightweight, waterproof case that'll protect your little speaker from some drops, falls, and the perils of the outside world.

Who should buy this protective storage bag

If you're someone who loves to travel, whether it be on a plane to your next company meeting or in a car ride to the cabin, the LTGEM EVA Hard Case is a great companion to bring along if you want to keep your UE Wonderboom safe and scratch-free. Though it's not incredibly padded and protective, it's still bound to save your speaker in tricky situations.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

Reasons not to buy

  • Not shockproof
  • Small storage space

The LTGEM EVA is the perfect case for everyday use

Once you pick up an expensive piece of equipment β€” whether it be a speaker, a pair of headphones, a laptop, a phone, or anything in between β€” it's worth it to have a little extra protection from the outside world.

It's easy to stumble, fall, scratch, or break your gear (we've all done it), but it's even worse if you didn't have a case on it in the first place when the incident happened. Having a case like the LTGEM EVA Hard Case for the UE Wonderboom will keep your speaker safe and secure, and that means you'll have peace of mind.

Keeping your tech safe is worth picking up a carrying case.

Besides protecting your speaker, this case is also just a great travel companion. You have a small mesh pocket at the top of the 360-degree zipper that you can store cords and wires in, and a fabric strap allows you to secure the speaker case around your wrist or to a bag if you're on the go.

Your UE Wonderboom is bound to stay safe if stored with one of these babies.

Alternatives to the LTGEM EVA Hard Case

Not all cases are the same! There are other options out there that are worth checking out for other reasons, too.


HESPLUS Shockproof Carrying Case for UE Wonderboom

A little more storage space and still a perfect fit: what more could you ask for?

The HESPLUS Shockproof Carrying Case for UE Wonderboom is a durable, affordable, and easy to use. That means it's a great storage case for your UE Wonderboom!

This particular case provides all-around protection and slots for your UE Wonderboom's charger and the speaker itself. If there are any issues with the case, you also get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Value Pick

Co2Crea Hard Travel Case for UE Wonderboom

This super affordable option will keep your UE Wonderboom safe from dust, scratches, and falls.

The Co2Crea Hard Travel Case for UE Wonderboom is a slightly more affordable option if you want a reliable carrying case for your speaker. This all-black case also provides a little extra storage for cords and chargers.

Keep your UE Wonderboom protected and secure while saving a li'l extra with the Co2Crea Hard Travel Case for UE Wonderboom.

Bottom line

If you're looking for a compact, well-made, convenient, highly-rated and affordable case for your UE Wonderboom that's going to save it from the outside world, the LTGEM EVA Hard Case is the way to go.

From their 100% money-back guarantee to the smooth-opening 360-degree zipper, to the lightweight yet durable design, the LTGEM EVA Hard Case is always a fantastic option.

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