Best Clock Radios iMore 2022

Today's best technology has introduced upgrades to your old fashioned clock radio. See the time, play some tunes, and set an alarm with one of my favorite clock radios of the year.


Wake gently: HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

Staff Pick

The forward-thinking HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock has everything you need in a clock radio and then some. Gone is the too-bright display and shrill alarm in favor of colored sunrise simulation that grows in white light as the sun comes up. This technology has proven itself to wake you more naturally and leave you feeling less groggy. With this model, you'll get seven-alarm sounds, an FM radio, a clock, a snooze function, and a bedside lamp and night light. Best of all, settings can be controlled over Wi-Fi via an app.

$47 at Amazon

An adjustable display + USB charger: DreamSky Deluxe Clock Radio

The DreamSky Deluxe Clock Radio offers a few extras that you won't find in other models, especially in this price range. For example, it comes equipped with a USB port for charging devices, a 1.2" adjustable display, and it can tell you the current indoor temperature. Available with blue or orange backlighting that's easy to dim at bedtime, this clock radio comes standard with an FM band, loud and clear speaker, alarm clock, and sleep timer. And there's no need to fret over power outages because the DreamSky uses a battery backup.

$20 at Amazon

Space saver: Sony ICFC-1

If your nightstand can't spare much real estate or you'd like a bite-sized desk clock radio, the Sony ICFC-1 is a cute little cube that fits the bill. With dual alarm clocks, you can set two separate wake times for yourself or you and a partner. You can wake to AM/FM radio, a buzzer, or a gradual alarm. The digital display is large and bright, the alarm is easy to set, and the sound quality and reception are excellent. There's even a battery backup for emergencies. This tiny square clock radio can work in the bedroom, office, or on the kitchen counter.

$30 at Amazon

Just for iPhone users: iHome Bluetooth Clock Radio

Designed with iPhone users in mind, the iHome Bluetooth Clock Radio charges your Apple Watch and your iPhone while keeping time. This small oval-shaped clock has a built-in speakerphone for making and taking phone calls, and the entire unit is controllable with Melody, a personal voice-powered assistant. Stream music, listen to FM radio, set dual alarms, and keep an eye on the time with this smartly designed clock radio from iHome. The Apple Watch charging stand is brilliant, and you'll love controlling this model with your voice.

$45 at Amazon

Get into a smart routine: Echo Show 5

If you're invested in the Amazon ecosystem, the Echo Show 5 is a no-brainer. This compact smart display has Alexa baked-in, so you can set an alarm, listen to the radio, add an event to your calendar, check your home security camera, video call friends and family, watch TV shows and movies, and perform hundreds of other tasks with your voice. For those with an Echo Dot or anyone wanting to start building their smart home, the Echo Show 5 is a brilliant upgrade that puts a new spin on traditional clock radios.

$80 at Amazon

Our thoughts

I am not easy to wake, and I am most certainly not a morning person. The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock is slowly changing the way I start my days. I love the slow, gentle process of waking with a simulated sunrise. The alarm sounds range from gentle to piercing get yourself out of bed right this minute. This clock radio looks and sounds fantastic, works was an FM radio, and doubles as a night light or lamp when needed. This delightfully simple-to-use clock radio is perfect for your bedside nightstand or living room bookshelf.

If you want a more traditional clock radio with a few extra bells and whistles, reach for the DreamSkye Deluxe Clock Radio. With this model, you get access to the current temperature, an FM radio, an alarm clock that slowly increases in volume, so you wake without a start, and a giant snooze button. The DreamSky runs on AC and has an internal battery backup.

If you're a home automation person, nothing will compete with the genius Echo Show 5. Backed by Alexa, you'll get a 5.5" display, and the ability to set alarms, listen to music and the radio, check in on your home security camera, and so much more. If Alexa is already part of your life, the Echo Show 5 is the best clock radio on the market for you.

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